Horoscope today, 2nd June 2024, Sunday

(Din Raviwaar, Vikram Samwat 2081, Krishna Paksha, Dashami tithi)


Confidence and energy surge through you! Focus on employee needs at work. However, avoid reckless spending that could lead to borrowing from friends. Fun times with friends and leisure activities are on the menu. Childhood worries might arise. Marital bliss reigns, but control your temper! You need to keep calm and do not argue with anyone.


Work concentration might be disrupted. Economic matters take centre stage as you strategize ways to boost your income. Home improvement plans are in the works, and following Vastu principles ensures success. Beware of lending money to anyone today- repayment is unlikely. Spousal disagreements are possible, hence you need to remain very careful.


Success awaits in partnerships, hence you may plan to use this for your benefit. Today’s all about relaxation and artistic pursuits. Rediscover your hidden talents and recharge your batteries. Negative thoughts might creep in, and maintaining a positive relationship with your uncle’s brother is important. The family atmosphere remains harmonious. Meditation and yoga are beneficial to keep you calm.


Logic, not emotions, should guide your actions today. This is an opportune time to launch a new venture. Avoid hasty decisions – feelings could lead you astray. Be mindful of unnecessary expenses. Your income sources will improve, leading to a healthy financial outlook. Spousal advice during confusion will strengthen your resolve. Maintain your fitness through regular workout.


The day blesses you with overflowing energy and confidence. The planets are perfectly aligned in your favour! However, don’t let ego and overconfidence isolate you from society. Pay close attention to your child’s activities and companions. Avoid new partnerships today, and a tense atmosphere with your partner is possible. There will be some tense moments in the family.


The family business might see advancements. Avoid controlling your child’s behaviour excessively. Get ready for a day filled with outdoor activities and exciting new encounters. A visit to a close relative’s home for a religious gathering might be on the cards. Beware of false friendships that offer nothing but trouble. Your spouse will fully support maintaining family harmony.


Hard work and perseverance will lead you to achieve your goals. Financial security is a top priority. Complete tasks with unwavering dedication. Think carefully before embarking on new business ventures. Youngsters, avoid shortcuts to wealth – patience is key. Spousal support will be invaluable in many areas. Health of elders in the family may need extra care.


Your tactical strategies will ensure success in any endeavour today. Your economic situation remains stable. Cherish your existing relationships. Seek guidance from elders to resolve problems. The family environment will be normal, but hygiene is crucial. Good romantic bonding would exist between you and your spouse today. Past issues might resurface, causing tension.


Your income sources remain steady, and business activities run smoothly. Your idealistic and grounded personality earns you respect. Spiritual exploration might pique your interest. A child’s negative behaviour could cause trouble. Expecting too much from relatives might lead to disappointment. Your health will remain on better notes, but you need to avoid any stress.


Planning every step of the way before taking action will be beneficial. Overthinking could lead to missed opportunities. Persistence is key for the business changes you’re implementing. Favourable news might arrive for those considering going abroad. Tension might arise at home due to an unresolved issue. A disagreement with your spouse regarding home problems is possible. Maintain good hygiene and self-care.


New projects might arise through contacts and socialising efforts and bring succcess. Your carelessness might distract your children from their studies Unleash your artistic and athletic side today. Expect to spend most of the day away from home. However, don’t neglect household chores. Busy schedules might leave little time for quality time with your spouse.


Faith in Karma, actions and consequences, will lead to achievements and strengthen your destiny. New income streams might emerge. Anger management is crucial today. Success awaits in businesses related to public interaction and education. Relationships with relatives on your mother’s side might turn sour. Be mindful of your spouse’s health – potential bile-related issues.

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