Vastu Consultation

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Vastu Consultation

Vastu consultation by our dedicated team of professionals aims to provide a detailed analysis of the energies that exist in your house or office, how these impact your life events and how better these can be modified to channelize the positive energies for own benefit and discard the negative ones.  We analyse the essence of the five elements of nature namely Dharti or Dhara (earth), Agni (fire), Tej (light), Vayu or hawa (wind) and Akash (space), the planets, and other forces linked to your premises may it be a flat, house or office space, and take great care to balance these and do away with negativities through our expert guidance to provide a good control over the energies in the house or office space. We provide suggestions and regulations for creating the most advantageous living places through a combined effect of art, astronomy, architecture and astrology. We also create a positive aura in the house or office to bring about the residents’ happiness, wealth, and good health.

Price :- 

One Question                  INR 500         $ 6

3 Questions                      INR 1200      $ 15

Complete Flat/House      INR 11000    $ 133

Office design                   INR 21000    $ 253

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