Horoscope today, 10th May 2024, Friday

(Din Shukrawaar, Vikram Samwat 2081, Shukla Paksha, Tritiya tithi)


Your dedication and trusted guidance propel you forward and bring success in your profession. Consider advice carefully, and manage expenses wisely. Limit extravagance to achieve success. Good news graces your home, boosting spirits. Avoid inappropriate activities that may unnecessarily tarnish your image among your loved ones and the social circles as well.


Work environment may remain smooth and productive today. You need to control your expenditures. Respect the power of time and careful consideration before taking action. Approach your children’s problems with calmness and understanding. Obstacles vanish, replaced by smooth sailing and joyful gatherings with loved ones. Religious pursuits pique your interest.


Your balanced routine ensures timely task completion. Expect a financial boost – the planets are aligned in your favour. Students shine in interviews and exams. Safeguard important documents and limit unproductive social interactions. A family member’s negative behaviour might test your patience. Seek wisdom from spiritual figures for a positive outlook.


Customise your work plan based on past experiences for optimal results. Avoid hasty decisions and be wary of false accusations. Prioritize your own judgment and tackle unfinished tasks with focus. A long-standing family dispute finally reaches a peaceful resolution. There will be a peaceful and loving atmosphere at home. Affectionate moments will be there for married couples.


Expand your network with influential contacts, and prioritize good name and fame in your profession. Hard work yields success for young individuals, but studies shouldn’t be neglected. Avoid impulsive spending and control your expenditure. Exercise caution to maintain good relations with close relatives. Embrace spiritual fulfilment through religious involvement, gaining social recognition.  


Meticulous planning is your key to success on the professional front today. Confidence in your abilities empowers you to overcome challenges and improve your chances of success. You need to avoid any aggression or egoistic attitude as this may bring hurdles in your route to success. Maintain composure and focus on your new tasks. Distrust outside advice – prioritize your own decisions.


Manage your time wisely and avoid unproductive activities. Avoid any huge financial transactions or investments. Support your children who may be facing academic disappointment. Resolve domestic disputes with the help of elders. Dedicate time to home improvement and shopping. Seek spiritual solace for inner peace. Health will remain on better notes today.


Prioritize careful deliberation over hasty decisions. Avoid risky pursuits and overconfidence, especially for young individuals. Seek legitimate success paths and finalize new business deals with confidence. A close relative might attend a religious ceremony, offering an opportunity for reconnection. You may have to re-schedule your professional commitments to plan some time for your beloved.


Focus on present work tasks and this will help you in your career prospects. Balance work with your hobbies and quality time with children. Maintain peaceful relations with neighbours for a harmonious environment. Sad news from a loved one might dampen your spirits. Home improvement plans take shape. You need to shower your family with love and appreciation.


Control your anger and maintain a modest demeanour in your work environment. Avoid debt related to land or property. Students need to find focus in their studies. You may receive a precious gift and valuable guidance from an elder. Embrace new endeavours in personal and professional matters. You need to focus in your health else some issues may bother you.


Hard work paves the way for success, hence you must keep working harder. Embrace the power of karma and explore new income opportunities. Strengthen your political connections for benefits in work. Seek resolution through open communication for any domestic disputes. Ignore negative rumours and nurture your family relationships.


Break the routine with exciting activities all day long. Connect with influential figures to boost your confidence that will help you in personal and professional pursuits. Prioritize completing important tasks early to avoid afternoon obstacles. Offer your support to social or religious causes. A family member’s health might be a concern. You may have an average day in married life.

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