Horoscope today, 4th May 2024, Saturday

(Din Shaniwaar, Vikram Samwat 2081, Krishna Paksha, Ekadashi tithi)


Stay on track and be ready to work hard. Challenges await, but your skills and hard work will see you through. Business activity slows down. A minor financial disagreement is also possible. Public recognition boosts your confidence. The family atmosphere remains pleasant. Family discussions about future plans might cause mild tension. Be careful of your health – minor ups and downs are possible.


A somewhat mixed bag today, hence you need to remain cautious. Enjoy honing your talents while staying connected with loved ones virtually. Students are focused and determined. Financial woes might arise – spending won’t bring peace of mind. Despite all odds, you’ll offer full support to your family. Your health might be a bit weak, hence you need to remain careful.


Business matters require serious consideration. Buckle up as it’s a busy day. Prioritize practicality over emotions when making decisions. Now’s the time to collect outstanding debts and this would add to the stability of your finances. Don’t dwell on past negativity. You’ll provide emotional support to your spouse and family. Good health is on your side.


Adapt to a changing routine and success will follow. Embrace opportunities to learn new things. Good news brings happiness to your home. Resolve any domestic issues peacefully by helping with chores and being attentive to everyone’s needs. Negative thoughts could lead to depression – stay positive and take well though decisions. Health will remain fine.


Your hard work can turn the tide in your favour. Expect positive results from your efforts. Hold off on investments, better analyse the markets thoroughly. Contribute to religious or social causes. However, a property dispute with a close relative might escalate. Control your scattered thoughts and make decisions with a clear head. Excellent health is predicted for today.


Your efforts would help you shine today. Your talent and skills will help you achieve any special goal. Discussions regarding property issues yield positive results, however you need to remain careful in investments. Avoid making important decisions based solely on emotions. Conditions are generally favourable, and your marriage is harmonious.


Your well-organized and disciplined approach gets things done. Political connections strengthen and prove beneficial. Finding a solution to a child’s career-related problem brings relief. Occasional irritability or depression might arise, you need to avoid any issues that may lead to mental stress. The home environment remains pleasant. Enjoy happy moments with spouse, however avoid any arguments.


Discussions about a special issue take place on the professional front that will have a long term impact on your career. Find inner peace through spiritual activities, this will lead to satisfaction. Ease up on controlling your children – a friendly approach boosts their morale. An old friendship could blossom into love. You play a crucial role in maintaining a harmonious home environment.


Business tasks are mostly completed from home due to personal commitments. Overconfidence could lead to trouble. Family matters take centre stage for you today. Discussions about a family member’s marriage might occur. Keep outsiders from meddling in your family affairs. Your health is excellent, however do not be negligent. Relations with spouse will remain calm and loving.


Strengthen professional partnerships and connections through online communication. Indulge in personal interests to rejuvenate. You’ll maintain balance in any situation. Disappointment might linger due to a past unpleasant incident with loved ones. Cough, fever, or viral infections might be a concern, hence you need to take care.


Business requires careful financial planning. Brace yourself for a potentially unpleasant experience. However, your sense of social responsibility strengthens, bringing mental and spiritual peace through helping others. Beware of a jealous relative or friend who might try to sabotage your reputation. Listen to the advice of your near ones and spouse


Approach work with a clear understanding and foresight. Misunderstandings might cause doubt or despair. A serious conversation with a close relative regarding an important issue might occur. A positive outcome is likely. If construction work is stalled, today is a good day to make important decisions related to it. You need to take care of your health.

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