Horoscope today, 29th March 2024, Friday

(Din Shukrawaar, Vikram Samwat 2080, Krishna Paksha, Chaturthi tithi)


Dedication is your key to success today, keep up the good work. Hold off on financial transactions and brace yourself for a potential argument. Considering a new car, then It’s a go ahead. But keep your plans under wraps to avoid complications. A relative’s visit might disrupt your routine, but business will be smooth sailing. Married couples will enjoy harmony.


New business responsibilities may arise. Shift your perspective, think, and you’ll find solutions to lingering worries. A child’s admission might cause some concern. Avoid meddling in others’ affairs, and trust your own abilities. Fun times with loved ones are on the agenda. Your spouse might need some extra attention at home. Your health may remain good.


Your charm will shine and you’ll receive well-deserved appreciation. A delayed payment is finally coming your way. Travel is discouraged today, and misunderstandings in relationships are a possibility. Heed the wisdom of your elders, but be prepared for some home maintenance woes. Good news may be there on the family front that will lead to happiness.


If you’re considering a business partnership, take action now. Stuck property issues will be resolved. Keep a tight rein on your spending. Relationships may blossom, but disputes related to tenancy could escalate. Your hard work and teamwork will bring peace to your family. Expect strong family support. Keep a check on health of elder members of the family.


Wise decisions in profession will be rewarded. Keep your eyes on the goals that you have set. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment, and stay clear of illegal activities. Politicians might find allies, and youngsters can ace interviews. Lend a helping hand whenever possible. Your family life will be harmonious. Be mindful of potential infections.


Unleash your talents, and this will take you higher in career. The guidance of an elder will be invaluable. Stay vigilant against your opponents’ tactics. A touch of self-interest is necessary to get things done. Your generosity might backfire, and future plans are best postponed. Important news may arrive via media or online. Disagreements with your spouse are possible.


It’s a lucky day to begin new projects. Finances will grow and new sources of income will get added. Students rejoice in academic news. Keep your cool – banish ego and irritability. Finish what you start and do not leave anything incomplete. Stay healthy – mind the current environment. Harmony returns home today as solutions are found. Relaxation and family fun fill the day. Marital bliss abounds.


Plan, discipline, and routine are key for your success. Responsibility is your watchword do keep in mind. Seize the moment and make the most of it. Unfulfilled dreams about your children may bring you down. Business takes a backseat to personal matters. A close friend offers valuable support. Respect your elders. Don’t dwell on the past – it clouds the present. You may share love and affection with your spouse.


Your intellect and business acumen guide important decisions. Avoid property investments. Celebrate success at work. Spiritual and religious pursuits ignite your passion and keep you positively poised. Positive changes emerge in your personality. Bridge the family gap with effort. Misunderstandings strain your relationship with siblings. Sweetness prevails in your married life.


Your talents and abilities shine brightly, to improve your professional performance. Budget wisely for creature comforts. A visit to a religious place would uplift your spirits. Beware of strangers. Now’s the time for that house move. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Discuss work decisions thoroughly with your spouse before acting. A close relative’s arrival brings joy.


Your efforts in business will be rewarded. Avoid interfering in others’ affairs and listen carefully. Take a break from the daily grind, and try to re-energies your body and mind. Pursue a fun activity – it’ll lift your spirits. A close relative might be invited to a religious ceremony. Marital woes of someone close may weigh on your mind. You need to take care of your parents and take their suggestions.


Make important decisions based on your skills – they’ll benefit you. Prioritize the advice of experienced colleagues in business. Lost or stuck money might be recovered. Anxiety about your children fades away today. Keep an eye on your children’s activities. Steer clear of legal issues. Your strictness can sometimes create problems for others. Together, you and your spouse will conquer any household challenge.

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