Horoscope today, 9th February 2024, Friday

(Din Shukrawaar, Vikram Samwat 2080, Krishna Paksha, Chaturdashi tithi)


Aries horoscope today says opportunities to begin a new work will be there for you. However, you need to put in lots of hard work to get success. Good day in case you are planning to borrow money from somewhere, it will fulfil your needs. There will a need to keep your actions and plans very discrete to improve your chances of success. Your family members will help and support your actions and plans. Bonding between you and your spouse will be strong and get deeper.    


Taurus horoscope today says that you will share professional relation with your co-workers and they will coordinate well in terms of work. Not a good day to commit your money in any kind of investments today else you may end up losing money. Some good news about your children’s performance at studies will bring happiness and joy. Your inclination may remain towards religious activities and this will bring peace and calm. You must refrain from getting involved in any kind of conflicts with anyone.


Today horoscope of Gemini says you need to adopt innovative measures to enhance your success in terms of work. There may be high expenditures that would disbalance your finances hence you need to control the same. Be careful not to get involved in any legal matters as your chances of favourable outcome is no there today. Your aggression may pose some hurdles in progress on personal and professional matters. Health will remain fine but there may be some mental stress due to various matters.  


Today horoscope of Cancer says professional activities will remain on track and there may not be any new trends or events. You need to adhere caution while pursuing any financial matters and avoid any investments if not very important. In terms of family, there will be good coordination with all members and this will bring a mood of happiness in the house. Your health will be on better notes however some minor issues may bother you.      


Today horoscope of Leo says this will be a good day at work, your plans may get executed and yield expected results. You need to be carful and avoid any decisions in a hurry to avoid any setbacks. In case there is any doubt any matter, better will be to interact with an expert in the field and then move further. A day when your emotional front would remain strong and you may not get disturbed with unnecessary things that may not any concern.    


Today horoscope for Virgo says your confidence will remain high today that will ensure that you get the desires success in work. Assignments will get completed timely and lead to satisfaction. You need to avoid any arguments or conflicts with anyone as this may put you in trouble. You will be motivated to spend some time pursuing your hobbies. Personal matters will call for your indulgence and only then there may be some good outcomes.   


Libra horoscope today says today, focus on your pending works in terms of your profession and try to complete them timely. Likely that you may meet someone special who may bring happiness and love into your life. Visit to some religious place may bring peace of mind. You will share happy moments with your family, there may be some function at home. Health of a relative may need care. Your married life would remain peaceful and happy.


Scorpio horoscope says you will be inclined towards maintaining good order and discipline in professional and personal matters. In case you are looking for staring a new job or planning for an interview etc, then avoid any activity today. Home atmosphere may remain peaceful and healthy. It will be better for you to listen to your inner feelings and inner voice before taking any action. More focus may be required on personal matters.


Sagittarius horoscope today says you may get favourable action or decision from authorities today. Your official commitments and activities may remain on track and no new trends may be noticed. Chances of getting back the money lent by you may be there. Keep calm and avoid any interaction with people who always try to get into conflicts without any reasons. You need to avoid any adventurous activities as there may be chances of getting injuries.   


Capricorn horoscope today says more sincerity and honesty are required in business today. Right now, you need to reduce your increasing expenditures. It is not a good time to invest anything. The assistance of immediate family members will help resolve any issue that has been for a while. Engaging in social activities will assist you in preserving your respect and sense of self. Take advice and assistance from someone at this time when making both major and little decisions.     


As per Aquarius horoscope today, the current job tasks could have some success. It’s possible that a loan you’ve been attempting to get approved for a while will get approved. Travelling may increase the likelihood of a love meeting. Students are likely to succeed in any competition or interview. You would be courageous and strong. You could be concerned if a member of your family becomes ill. There are moments when your annoyance with minor things will maintain chaos in your home. Your best source of support would be your spouse.       


Pisces horoscope today says any task might go badly due to impulsivity and hurry. Remember above everything that you should never trust anyone. It’s possible for married couples to have to spend a fortune on their kids’ schooling. Invest your efforts on constructive endeavours. Your friends can lift your spirits if you’re having a bad day. Consider taking up a new activity. You could become irritated with your partner if they become overly preoccupied with work. If you want to stay physically active, you can participate in sports.

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