Sun in Virgo-17th Sept -17th Oct 2023

Sun in Virgo-17th Sept -17th Oct 2023

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun represents the core aspect of an individual’s personality and it is one of the most important celestial bodies that has been represented in your horoscope. It also signifies ego and self-expression, the key traits that outrightly may be reflected in the attitude of a person.

Virgo is an earthy sign whose lord is Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence and gives practical approach. The Sun will enter in Virgo on 17th September 2023, its entry into Virgo will liberate forces that can assist sharper concentration on practical issues and bring about enhancements to one’s organizing abilities and increase your leadership skills. The Sun in Virgo fosters rational, analytical thinking as well as practical approach towards your goals.

During this time in Virgo, the Sun will transit the Nakshatra Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra. While the Sun is a depiction of our soul, which is our deepest self, we as individuals only display our ego, or outer self. It equips the native with the capacity for proficient and effective leadership. The Sun is regarded as a king in Vedic astrology, therefore it also rules aristocracy, the state, and positions of authority. Additionally, it stands for happiness, vigor, and excellent health.

Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, matches patterns, and moreover, the Sun is impartial toward Mercury. Some people may have more clarity while assessing their existing health, indebtedness, and interpersonal conflicts during this journey of Sun. This enhances your business skills and gives analytical approach. Here, Sun may highlight the need to develop greater compassion in order to truly achieve the objective.

The transit of this powerful planet, Sun would definitely bring significant changes in everyone’s life.

Let’s see how it affects different zodiac-


An individual born with Aries sign needs to be cautious as it would be in your 6th house of enemies, debts and diseases. There might be challenges related to your work with government or authorities. People around you may also try to damage your image but you will overcome all these issues with your confidence and hard work. Mental stress due to your children would be expected, it may be their health or competitions for job or their education. Here Sun accompanies Mars which is indicating that you need to be careful in terms of your health and visits to hospital for yourself or for your close ones which may be on cards. Keep yourself calm and patient to handle any situation.


You will do good in your profession and your expressive attitude would influence others with your enthusiasm and creativity. Gains from government or authorities would be there, though some disagreements with boss or colleagues might also prevail. Students will do good in competitions and will be systematic in their studies. Love birds may face challenges due aggressive attitude and arrogance. There may be family commitments that may occupy you and this could be the one reason in disturbed relation with your partner.              


In your horoscope, Sun will transit in 4th house of happiness, mother and property and will be accompanied with Mars. This combination here will give new direction in your job and you will achieve good position and develop your leadership quality. If promotion is in line, you may receive good news and sharpen your professional skills. Arguments and disagreements with people around you would be quite possible, need to be cautious and avoid controversial situation. Health of parents may give you stress and it would require special attention. Do good research before investing your money in property.


You would be courageous to take strong decisions in terms of personal as well professional fronts. Your 2nd house of family and 3rd house of efforts, courage and communication would influence during this transit. Travel related to career would be on cards, important decisions in profession may take you towards new heights in profession. Arguments and egoistic attitude may bring challenging situation during this journey of Sun. Avoid to take decisions in a hurry and be patient in maintaining your relations. Harsh or straight forward speech need to be controlled.


This transit of Sun would affect your 1st house of self and 2nd house of wealth and family. There may be good financial gains, though useless expense should be curtailed. This will bring benefits from government or authorities and your career will shine. Relations with family members need to be handled with care as your speech would be harsh or very blunt, which may create problems for you.


Your 1st house of self and 12th house of going abroad, expenditures etc would be influenced by this transit of Sun. This journey of Sun may bring gains through overseas. There may be challenges in terms of your health or you may be busy in helping others in their ill-health and visit to hospitals may also be there. Do away with your aggression and ego for smooth relationship and time.


This transit of Sun would bring gains and enhance your income as it would cover place of gains and income, in addition it will also cover 12th house of foreign land and hospital. This period would bring mix results as on one side gains and benefits would be there, and on flip side expenditure on health issues would be on the cards. Avoid unnecessary expenses to secure your wealth and curtail wastage. Couples may face challenges during this phase. People who are settled abroad or are in medical field may see a favourable time. You need to be cautious in your speech.


Scorpio people will see good time in profession, hard efforts would lead to success and happiness. Your career would see new heights and your confidence would remain high. Relations with parents may see challenges and your speech should be monitored carefully to avoid any problems. Gains in job and profession would be on cards. Impulsive nature needs to be controlled during this period in order to be happy.


In your horoscope, 9th house of fortune and 10th house of career would bring favourable period during this transit. Over passiveness may make you indulge in unfavourable situation. You will achieve good position and develop new professional relations with people around which will be helpful in upcoming time. Keep your aggression in control and avoid arguments with others as this may put you in adverse situations.


In your horoscope 9th house of fortune and 8th house of suddenness and transformation during this transit will bring ups and down in life. You may face some adversities and challenges during this transit. For research and higher studies this period would be very favourable. There may be inclination towards spiritualism and occult science. You need to be careful in terms of your health and avoid adventurous activities to keep yourself safe.


The transit of Sun would cover your 7th house marriage and partnership and 8th house of suddenness and transformation. This journey of Sun would bring challenges on personal as well professional front. Your relation with life partner might see some hardships in terms of lack of understanding due your arguments and aggression. Life will see sudden changes which would not be good for your future. Avoid hasty and important decisions in life during this period, better to wait for the right time.


This transit of Sun would influence your 6th house of debt, disease and enemies and 7th house of marriage and partnership. You will see mixed results and see challenges in life. If some competition is lined up then this period would be positive and bring success in competition. Avoid taking loan or risky money transaction. Marital life will face some challenges and disagreements with spouse. Health will need some precaution to be taken to maintain a better state.


Sun is the most important planet in terms of Astrology and carries immense energy that brings about an impact on everyone’s life. This transit of Sun, thus holds an importance as its transit in Virgo would bring many crucial changes or events in our life’s. A glimpse of the same has been highlighted in this article for benefit of all the readers.

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