Sun in Gemini – The Transit of Favourable Changes

Sun in Gemini – The Transit of Favourable Changes

Sun, the source of energy & life, and the major planet out of the nine planets, is now all set to transit into Gemini after a year on 15th June 2023 and will stay for a month. Further, Sun will be transiting into Cancer on 16th July 2023. This remarkable phenomenon will impact zodiac signs on a greater scale. Thus, people must be aware of what this transit into Gemini will entail for everyone.

What to Expect from the Transit – ‘Sun in Gemini’?

The transit of Sun through Gemini is a light-hearted and fun time for meeting new people, exploring and learning new things. Thus, to understand the importance of Sun’s transit in Gemini, we need to understand the unusual relation between the Sun and Gemini.

In accordance with astrology, the Sun indicates the soul, heart, personality, ego, self-respect, father, and government. However, Gemini represents travel, communication, public speaking skills, simplicity, and thoughts. Therefore, the transit of Sun in Gemini will be much focused towards communication and its impact on the attributes signified by the Sun. In fact, your personality and career aspects may bloom with your way of communicating. Possibilities of success are there for the people seeking government jobs. Your social respect can increase, and your behaviour may illuminate your character during the transit phase.

How the Transit will Affect Every Zodiac Sign?

The phenomenon of Sun transiting Gemini in the year 2023 will be impacting every zodiac sign differently, when considering this transit in terms of Astrology. So, let’s take a look at the impact of the transit on every zodiac sign.


People of this sign are likely to get benefits from different sources in their financial life. There are chances of an increase in income which may improve your financial condition and may increase respect in the society. This time is also favourable for love life as there are chances of clearing the misunderstandings in love relationship. This transit may also prove to be good in receiving good support from friends and family. Even Aries people in job may feel happy on getting a good promotion at their workplace.

Remedy: Reciting Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra on daily basis will give the strength to face adverse situations.


Talking about the economic prospects then there are chances of increase in income during this transit phase for the people of this sign. Thus, investing on any property or land during this phase may prove beneficial. People working in the government sector may get some kind of collaboration and gain good benefits from the higher officials and government.

Remedy: Offering water to the Sun daily will bring gains and benefits, improve outcomes.


While Sun will be transiting in this zodiac sign thus aggression can be seen in the nature of the people of this sign. You may feel immensely active during this time which may get you good results. Plans that were stuck may resume. Investing in stock market may get you good profit. You may be able to impress people with your leadership abilities at social level. However, the married Gemini people should remain careful in married life as imposing anything forcefully on the spouse may create difficulties.

Remedy: Reciting Surya Ashtak every day is advisable during this transit phase for expected results.


This phase of transit may create situations of a foreign trip for the people of this sign. However, at workplace, the enemies of the Cancer might be active, but it will be possible to successfully conquer them. Also, for the Cancer with case going on in the law court, this phase of transit will bring the decision in their favour.

Remedy: People with Cancer sign must plant a red-flower plant at home and water it daily.


For them who have invested somewhere, there are strong chances of getting financial benefits due to the transit of Sun in Gemini. In fact, people of this sign can still plan to invest as they may also gain monetary benefits. There will be a rise in reputation and for the ones from the field of politics, there are chances of successfully influencing people through words. During this phase, people in search of a desired job may get success in finding one. There is the probability of spending quality time with family members during this transit phase. Businessmen planning a business expansion may get success in it.

Remedy: Daily offer water to the Sun and recite Gayatri Mantra, this will improve the situation.


This phase will bring good luck at workplace of the people belonging to this sign as there are strong chances of moving forward in career prospects. Also, employed people of this sign will be able to perform good at their workplace during the phase of this transit. In fact, it is likely for the people of this sign to get promoted by their bosses or officers because of good performance.

Remedy: Donate Red clothes and daily add saffron to your bathing water.


People of this sign will be getting full support of luck as the Lord Sun will be transiting in the lucky house during this phase of Sun’s transit in Gemini. People pursuing higher education and facing difficulties till now will achieve success during this phase. Businessmen might get to travel long distances related to work and eventually will be benefited from these travels. It is a favourable time for people to go on religious journey with family or loved ones and people from spiritual field can have pleasant experiences. Government employees can expect increase in their prestige and positions.

Remedy: It is advisable to do Surya Namaskar on a daily basis for good outcomes and good health.


For Scorpio, this phase of transit will be a favourable one in the aspect of health. However, it is advisable for the people of this sign to take good care of their health. Thus, it will be good to avoid stale food, spicy food, outside food or else it may prove harmful on health. In terms of profession, there will be a need to remain very alert as someone might try to cause harm to the career. Remaining calm and avoiding harsh words will be beneficial.

Remedy: Recite Shri Ramraksha Stotra daily will bring better results.


For the Sagittarians, this transit phase will be a favourable one in the aspect of bringing good luck at the workplace and there are strong possibilities of progress in the professional life. In financial aspect, this transit phase will prove beneficial. There are chances for the Sagittarians to go on a foreign trip. At workplaces, people of this sign need to be cautious as enemies will be active. However, there will be situations of having success in conquering them. Chances of getting support from spouse in important activities will be there.

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant on a daily basis and avoid on Sunday.


The never-before energetic feeling during this phase will be guiding Capricorns towards quick completion of their tasks at their workplace. However, the agility and speed in the work of Capricorns during this Sun in Gemini transit may annoy the colleagues. Thus, it is advisable to maintain courage and confidence at the workplace and never let negative thoughts to dominate you. On the financial aspect, the people of this sign on loan may be able to repay it. For those indulged in court cases may also expect the decision in favour due to Lord Sun’s transit in Gemini.

Remedy: Feeding Jaggery to a Bull will be beneficial if done on a Sunday.


This transiting phase will bring a favourable time for the Aquarius in love. There are good chances to spend good time with the loving partner. Although there will be situations of some minor fights during this phase, but this will only strengthen the affectionate bond in the love relationship. Aquarius people with child may feel concerned about their child. It is advisable for them to talk to their parents or approach senior people regarding their concerns. 

Remedy: Donation of Jaggery, wheat, and copper on every Sunday will bring good results.


For the Pisceans, this phase of sun’s transit in Gemini may not prove beneficial at professional front. However, there is not much to worry about as Pisceans will be successful in facing all such issues with hard work and good understanding of the situation. Along with this, the Pisceans from real state may gain good benefits. The salaried people of this sign looking for a change in job may find this phase as favourable one. During this phase, there are high proximity of good change of place at the workplace.

Remedy: Reciting Shri Surya Chalisa every day will bring relief from problems.

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