Sun enters in Libra-18th October to 18 November 2023

Sun enters in Libra-18th October to 18 November 2023

Journey of Sun, as it moves forward, it will be going to enter in seventh sign of Libra, which is known to make balance and harmony around. Here, it is debilitated and would not be proficient to give results as per its capabilities. Sun in Libra, would always reduce its dynamic power which may resultant in lack of clarity and confidence. This transit of Sun brings many changes and effects on human life, however these effects may not be uniform. Some of us would enjoy this period and on other side some may face tests and trail during this phase. Sun remains stationed in one zodiac for 30 days, and now it is going to take rest in Libra from 18th October till 17th November 2023. Let’s see how it will affect lives of people born under each zodiac-


Sun is exalted in Firey sign Aries, which has the essence of fighter. During this transit, Sun will travel in seventh house of spouse, partnership and business for Aries born. This will affect an individual’s mind with doubts and dearth of self-confidence as here, Sun would not be able to showcase its full ability. There may be challenges at marital front or in relationships, these are most common issue. Disagreements with boss, partner and colleagues may disturb the harmony at workplace. Your efforts get recognition but some delays definitely would be there in the path. This transit may limit the scope of growth, success and satisfaction. There may be lack of clarity which encounters difficulty in making decisions. It is advisable to avoid any new business ventures during this journey of Sun.


This transit of Sun would not be very encouraging in terms of profession and give many sorts of problems at work place. Due to lack of recognition, motivation would reduce, though your ambitions will be high. These opposite energies may create discomfort in profession as well at home and happiness. At times unpleasant situation may disturb you and result in loss of peace and cheerfulness. You need to be careful with your peers as someone close may work as a hidden enemy and try to damage your image. Health of parents would be the matter of concern, need to take precautionary measures. Increased and thoughtless spending may give tough time in terms of finance, try to avoid investing money in property or anywhere especially a big amount.


The Sun transit for Gemini would be able to curtail creative thoughts and bring stress in terms of relationship. Disagreements with life partner may prevail, it is advisable to be patient and calm This is the period when tension regarding children may also arise and your thoughts would be revolving all around your children. Career may see ups and down and give insecurity in professional life and it may result in change of job or place in same job due to some misunderstanding or miscommunication with seniors. This pattern will be continued in business too. Investment needs to be done with cautious mind and try to avoid indulging in heavy investments, especially in share market. Avoid unplanned and useless expenses. Physical energy may reduce and unnecessary thoughts may give mental stress. Take care of your unwanted thoughts and daily routine including exercise and diet.


The Sun transit for Cancer may pose issues for your professional growth and also have an adverse impact on your finances. Your proficiency at work may get curtailed, professional relations with colleagues and bosses become grim and overall job satisfaction will go down leading to stress. Similar trends would be there for the businessmen, they may also not get rewarded as per their efforts with reduced profits and stalled expansion plans, and to add to this the rivals may take advantage of this situation. There may be a negative impact on wealth that may have fallouts for entire family to face. If you are looking for a suitable match for marriage then there may be setbacks on this front during this phase. Some highs and lows may be encountered by the married people, hence a need to remain careful and calm would be there.


Sun during its journey for Leo may reduce your vital abilities like bravery, willpower and decisiveness that would have impact on other aspects of your life. Some surprising changes in the job profile may bring some tense moments, you may have to look forward for better opportunities. Even in business, you may not be able to do well since this period may make your competitors so strong and to add to this the overall market environment may also change making it difficult for you to cope up. There may an imbalance in the finances as the income may not be increasing as per expectations, and on the other hand the expenditure would keep piling up. Relying on debts would be the only option left, however, be very careful while availing this facility. Your egoistic attitude may get a boost in this period and this would develop unhealthy relations with your near and dear ones including your spouse. Health may face some minor issues, mostly there would be mental stress due to the prevailing situation and in addition fatigue may also set in due to over work.


Sun transit for Virgo may bring hardships on the professional as well as front during this phase. Strained relations will peers and lack of understanding with the seniors would develop a tense atmosphere wherein it will be difficult to work. Your efforts would not get the well deserved incentives in return and this may lower your will to work. Business may also not be forthcoming and there will be challenges enroute to pursue your routine activities. Your efforts and investment done in business may not bring the expected profits. Rivals in market may try to put you down and make their gains. This period will bring financial ups and downs, you may not be in the right frame of mind to make the right investments and hence land up losing money. Though earnings would be there, so expenses would be on a higher side as your management of money may be lacking proficiency. On the personal front, there would be arguments you’re your better half that may disturb the peace in the family, however, if you manage to control your harsh words and arrogance, then things may improve. Health generally may be fine but for some issues with your eyes, you may also feel lethargic at times.


This transit for Sun may bring average results on almost all the aspects for you. Your career may see some growth in this period, however, it may be below your expectations. You may feel bad about it since you would have put in your best, however you must continue with your hard work for better outcomes. Some issues with your colleagues may also bother you. On the business front, there would be many hurdles in executing your plans for expanding the business, something or the other would go wrong as you pursue further with your endeavours. There may even be setbacks in getting the expected sales thus curtailing the revenue expected. Financially this phase may not be able to reward you with the desired gains, though some returns of past investments would come your way. You should avoid planning any investments during this phase and in case you are doing so then invest small amount only. Family life would remain average, there would be good bonding and understanding however day to day setbacks in terms of profession and finances may bring some stress and allow you to enjoy the family life as one would expect. Health will remain on better notes and you should maintain your immunity with regular exercise and healthy diet, some minor stomach upset issues may be there though.


Sun transit for Scorpio may bring prosperous period in terms of profession, your hard efforts will get the due returns both in terms of monetary benefits and appreciation of your management. Your determined approach may also set an example for your juniors to follow and your coworkers may be proud of your achievements. Proficiency at work would be unmatched and flawless, which will also bring satisfaction to you. In terms of business, similar trends may prevail, your success during this period will give you good profitable deals that will give you an edge over your rivals. Expansion plans will get implemented without any obstacles and accordingly returns on your capital investment would increase. This phase will be financially very rewarding for you, all your investments will give you handsome profits and you would further make investments in good schemes. Value of your assets held will also increase giving you overall wealth gains and stability in finances. Relationship with spouse and harmony in the family will be maintained in this period, strength in the bond will increase and there would also be intimate interactions between the two. No major issues will be there on the health front but for some body pains that may also subside soon. 


Sun transit for Sagittarius may lead to accomplishment of desires on the career front. You may get many opportunities wherein you may be able to implement your fresh and innovative ideas as per the trends in vogue and this may prove to be beneficial for rise in career. You may make a well-deserved place for yourself in profession. In case you are planning for any changes in job then better options would be there waiting for you. For businessmen, new opportunities for making profits would be encountered in this period. Your venture will grow and bring additional profits. This period is suitable for joint ventures and partnerships, hence you may plan for this option during this phase. On the personal front, there will be joy and happiness in the family, relationship with spouse will be deeply bonded and both would enjoy the loving moments together. Sharing of feelings and discussing the matters will bring the closer to each other. Health will be on better notes for you and this period will bring better immunity and fitness for you for both body and mind.  


The Debilitated Sun in your place of profession would not be reassuring and always create problem with boss. Your ego may create unnecessary disturbances in your professional life. Lack of recognition of your hard work may demotivate you and push you towards leaving your job. It is advisable that you keep yourself little down headed and continue your sincere efforts as work load will be there and you have ample opportunities to display your capabilities. Keep an eye on your finance part and avoid big investments or putting money in business. Some unexpected expense may spoil your financial comforts. There may be challenges in family happiness and in marital life, you need to avoid egoistic attitude for smooth journey in relations with your near and dear ones. Due to excess work, you may feel fatigue and restlessness. Take proper rest and make a balance in your work and time for rejuvenation.


This transit of Sun may bring some sunshine in both careers as well as personal relations. Opportunities in profession may open new doors and you will able to perform well as per your capacity. You may get benefits from abroad in some manner or the other. Your luck will give full support, though at times low feeling may distract you from your objectives, but later things will come up well. If you are in job or owning a business, in both cases, this period would be fruitful. Personal relations may demand compromises and low ego or arrogance for better and smooth relationship with your life partner and people around you. Finance would be better and you may get money from more than one source. Health may need precautionary measures to be taken, regular exercise, meditation and healthy diet, no major health issues are visible.


The Sun will transit in your place of suddenness, setbacks, research and chronic health. Here, Sun is in its debilitated sign, and hence would not be very encouraging in terms of personal as well as professional front. Your work may not get acknowledged which may result in stress and anxiety. You may feel tired due to lack of relaxing time. You need to be careful in financial matters and avoid dealing with money to avoid any financial loss. Those who are in business also need to be cautious in putting big amount of money during this time. Sudden expense may be on positive /negative side may disturb your finance. Love and relationship would be on back seat and your attitude may not allow to maintain good relation with your life partner or soul mate.

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