Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023

Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023

Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023

As per Astrology, Sun is the significator of individual’s will power and spirit. The day of ‘Solar Eclipse’ said to be the cause of outpourings of emotions and energy. Eclipses are generally known as painful events that have negative impacts on the lives of people. Eclipses are powerful astronomical phenomenon that affect the entire world and bring about such outcomes that mankind may not have imagined or expected to happen, hence, this gains importance.

The Sun is regarded as the source of energy and life for the mankind, the sunlight being the means of delivering the same. When solar eclipse occurs, the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, thereby blocking the sunlight reaching the Earth, thus also blocking the Sun’s energy reaching us. This disruption of the Sun’s energy may bring varied outcomes for people depending of other Astrological factors including placements and transit of planets.

At times this may act as a catalyst to bring about positive transformation in someone’s life, plans or activities that were on the cards and not progressing further may start with in this phase. Though on the other side, the Solar eclipse may negatively impact some people and outcomes, this may hamper the otherwise smooth flow of actions and benefits causing distress. But this is for sure that some amount of changes in the routine life and activities will definitely take place with the occurrence of Solar eclipse, hence being prepared beforehand would be a wise decision.    

Solar eclipses not only impact our lives, but these are powerful events that have its effects on the world, maybe in form of natural calamities, or events that effect the masses like famines, wars etc. The immense power and energy that is unleashed during occurrence of Solar eclipses is way beyond our expectation and therefore we are left to face the unexpected and unpredictable circumstances that are beyond aur control.

Solar Eclipse on 20 April 2023

The Solar eclipse that is about to occur on the 20th April 23 is the first Solar eclipse of the year 2023. This will be a very powerful eclipse and therefore would bring prominent and significant effects as it occurs. The Solar eclipse would take place in the Aries sign in the Ashwini Nakshatra. The eclipse would take place from 7.05 am and would last till 12.29 pm. As per the hindu calendar, the Solar eclipse would occur on the Krishna Paksha Amavasya in the month of Vaisakh. There are four types of Solar eclipse namely, Total Solar eclipse (passing Moon completely blocks the face of Moon), Annular Solar eclipse (passing Moon is farthest from the Earth and hence appears smaller than Sun), Partial Solar eclipse (passing Moon partially covers the face of Sun) and Hybrid Solar eclipse (Eclipse shifts between annular and total eclipse, i.e it begins as a annular eclipse and slowly changes to total and again back to annular). The present one taking place will be Hybrid Solar eclipse. 

Impact of Solar Eclipse

While this eclipse is taking place, apart from Aries where the eclipse is taking place, Rahu, Mars and Saturn will also be associated with this eclipse. Sun will be in exalted state in Aries, Saturn will aspect the Sun and there will be an influence of Rahu. Due to this, this eclipse carries a great amount of significance.  The effects of this Solar eclipse may last for longer duration ranging between six to nine months after the actual eclipse has taken place. 

Sun and Rahu will be placed in Ashwini nakshatra, this may be some challenges for the people who have a link with this nakshatra, they may feel very depressed, not feel like doing anything and would tend to feel as if they have lost their entire energy to do any work or any physical or mental activity.

The phase of the year beginning from this solar eclipse may see rising conflicts and violence around the world. There may be a rise in the momentum of wars already taking place around the world. Mass destruction and loss of life and property could take place, even there are chances of occurrence or aggravation of wide spread diseases like viruses or infections.

The countries around the world may face economic hurdles, there may a bursts of inflation that would not be easy to control, impacting smaller countries more due to their already weak economies. The concerned governments would find it very difficult to handle such grim situations.  


  • Avoid having meals during the period when the Solar eclipse is taking place.
  • Do not cook any food during this period when the Solar eclipse is taking place.
  • Pregnant women should avoid any sunlight falling on their body by any means.
  • Avoid watching the Solar eclipse with naked eyes.
  • Avoid going out from the house while the Solar eclipse is taking place.
  • Keep children indoors while the Solar eclipse is under way.



As revealed from the above that this crucial event Solar Eclipse that would be taking place may have some most challenging effects that will be faced by the people around the world. The disastrous effects of this natural phenomenon would bring about global impacts that may be hard to handle. Therefore, it becomes necessary that certain precautions may have to be taken by all so that the effects of this astronomical event are not very serious in nature. It will be wise for all that the precautions and remedies that have been highlighted above be followed very religiously with a positive intention to draw major benefits from them.

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