Significance of Houses in Astrology

Significance of Houses in Astrology

Significance of Houses :

1st House

First House is also known as Tanu Bhava, it represents body (color, its form, complexion, etc).

First house is like a rider of the chariot as this house defines the life of the jatak/native.

It is also known as ascendent it defines you, your personality, appearance, health and childhood period, general prosperity, and character of the native.

It is the most important house as it brings up the beginning of life, its characteristics, fame, qualities, happiness or unhappiness, residence abroad, splendour, strength, and weakness.


Basic Principles of First House

  • Vedic Name- Tanu Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Aries
  • Corresponds with Planet – Mars
  • Represents – Yourself & Your relationship.

2nd House

Second house is also known as Kutumba (family) bhava, it represents immediate family, face, right eye, oral cavity, nose, food, and literary gift.

Among other, Second House is also known as Dhana or House of Finance as it represents financial state, profit or loss, prosperity, money through self-effort, shares, stocks, fixed assets, current assets, bonds, security and exchange, bank balance, savings, loans, bank balance, precious stones, jewelry, metals etc.

House of Speech as it deals with nails, truth, and falsehood. Second house acknowledges the thoughts, memory, imagination, and vision.

It is also known as Markha- House of Death.


Basic Principles of Second House

  • Vedic Name- Kutumba Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Taurus
  • Corresponds with Planet – Venus
  • Represents – Family & close friends.
  • Body parts – Face, mouth, and sense organs

3rd House

House of Communication or Sahaj Bhava

This house rules mind and intellect, it tells overall learning and communicative skills for instance speaking, writing, etc. This house is also known as the house of short joineries. Third house also deals with co-born or siblings, relatives, friends.

Neck, collar bones, shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, lungs, ears and breathing canal is ruled by Third house.

Beside these, this house is the house of artistic ability like music, paintings, acting anything in creative field. Hobbies can be seen from this house.

Basic Principles of Third House

  • Vedic Name- Sahaj Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Gemini
  • Corresponds with Planet – Mercury
  • Represents – Siblings, co-worker, and relatives.
  • Body parts – Neck, collar bones, shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, lungs, ears and breathing canal.

4th House

House of Happiness or Sukhasthana (Peace of Mind).

4th house is related to comfort and emotions.

It is also known as house of mother as in relationship with mother.

This house represents buildings, lands, and property, it also deals in vehicles.

The first education or pre-school learning comes from this house.

This house deals with the material pleasures, clothes, hidden treasures.

This house is the pillar of life as the strength of this house talks about the character, happiness of life, education, early childhood and a happy married life.

This house shows the Parliamentary career as well.

Basic Principles of Fourth House

  • Vedic Name- Sukha Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Cancer
  • Corresponds with Planet – Moon
  • Represents – Mother
  • Body parts – Chest, Respiratory system

5th House

It is the House of Education, also known as Suta.

Putra Bhava (the house of children) from this house one can know the time of conception or progeny, denial of child, miscarriage or adoption of child, relationship with child can also be seen from this house.

The house also caters to high learning, intelligence, intellect to understand the surroundings, determination, education, analytical skills, scholarship. In other words, fifth house is the house of development or perfection.

This house deals in fame, grandfather, creative expression (artistic bent), emotions like romance, love affair.

This house also delas in fortune like Gambling (casinos, cards, puzzle etc) & speculations (stock market, shares, anything related to sudden monetary gains).

Beside all the above significance, it is the house of Upasana or Worship, Mantras & Purva Punya as well.

Basic Principles of Fifth House

  • Vedic Name- Suta Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Leo
  • Corresponds with Planet – Sun
  • Represents – Children, Grandfather, and Artist.
  • Body parts – Stomach, Pancreas, Upper and Lower Chest and Spine.

6th House

House of Debt, Sickness and Enemies.

This house deals with debts, obstacles, challenges, disputes, lawsuits, legalities. Sixth house gives strength to overcome the obstructions and enemies.

Job and occupation of job can be seen from this house.

Service providing profession such as doctors, lawyers, police, healers, teachers, manicurists, retail shop keeper, bus driver, clerks, receptionist, secretaries, postal employees, bookbinders, stenographers, interpreters, translators, librarians, radio and televisions announcers, paper dealers, handwriting and fingerprint experts, notaries public, computer operators, writers, editors, reports, physiologist and psychiatrists, explorers, detectives, jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency. Bookkeepers, statisticians, cashiers and bank clerk typist, museum, curators and bookkeepers, Auditors, tax officers and CA, etc.

This house tells the type of diseases, duration of recovery, which body part will get affected and the strength of the immune system.

Also, this house helps to see the relationship with helpers, co-workers, and maternal relatives.

Basic Principles of Sixth House

  • Vedic Name- Shatru Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Virgo
  • Corresponds with Planet – Mercury
  • Represents – Service provider, maternal relatives, and jobs.
  • Body parts – Stomach, intestine, and digestive tract.

7th House

It is the House of Spouse & House of Partnership, also known as Patani Bhava.

This house is the most important house as now from self this house transfers to other. Marriage and everything related to marriage can be predicted from this house such as Spouse, time of marriage, relationship with spouse, attraction etc.

From this house, business partners can be predicted as to whether the business should be done in a partnership or not.

Profession which includes public image such as Management consultant, judges, solicitors, logicians and officers of law, diplomats and public relations officers, singers, actors, beauticians, hairdressers, fashion models, interior decorators and furniture makers, perfume manufacturers, social workers, photographers, tea shop and coffee-bar owners, restaurant keepers and all similar trade can be predicted. It is about the Artists, sculptors, cinema artists and models, cartoonists, cameramen, tailor, dress designers and makeup assistants that are predicted by this house.

Cabaret shows performer, gambler and similar haunts of sin and pleasure.

According to Sage Sattyacharya, it also shows change of residence and foreign travel.

Basic Principles of Seventh House

  • Vedic Name- Patani Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign-Libra
  • Corresponds with Planet – Venus
  • Represents – Spouse, public figure, and business partner.
  • Body parts – Kidney, lower abdomen & sexual disease.

8th House

House of Longevity, Ayu or Mrityu Bhava.

8th house is the house of longevity, when a child takes birth, 8th house is also considered with the birth constellation (nakshatra) and moon placement.

This is the most important with vast signification.

Through this house the longevity or duration of marriage can be predicted.

This house is also known as house of death, nature of death (sudden or by diseases), indication of death and ‘moksha sthan’ too.

It also deals with grief, and unhappiness from sins committed in past birth.

This is the house of secrecy too.

Professionals like Philosophers, astrologers and occultists, detectives, clever criminals, Nurses, Chemists, doctors, explorers, geographers, barbers, dentists, mechanics, men of the armed and police force, navigators, coffin makers, undertakers, life insurances agents and business, poisons, drugs, and chemical related work, etc., can be analyzed from this house.

Debt, Sins, Obstacles, inherited property, scandals, secret enemies, and misfortune can be judged from this house.

Basic Principles of Eight House –

  • Vedic Name- Ayu/Mrityu Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Scorpio
  • Corresponds with Planet – Mars
  • Represents – occultist and astrologer.
  • Body parts – private parts & genital area

9th House

House of Father, Dharma, and Long Journey.

Also, Bhagyasthan means house of fortune and religion.

It deals in prosperity, fortune, righteousness, preceptor (Guru, or teachers), father, and grandchildren.

9th house is known as Dharma through this house religious activities, place of worship, sympathy, intuitions, religious institutions, inclination or occult studies, spiritual inclination, higher learning and values, charity can be predicted.

Long journeys and foreign travel can be studied from this house.

Jupiter (Guru) rules ninth house. In ancient time, father was considered as Guru that is why this house represents father, guru, thus, every fatherly figure can be predicted from this house.

Longevity of father can be predicted as well.

Higher studies like Metaphysical, law, philosophy, science, and literature can be analysed as it is also the house of creativity.

Professionals like Judge, Politicians, Preachers, Magistrates, theologians, Organizers, financiers.

Basic Principles of ninth House

  • Vedic Name- Bhagya Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Sagittarius
  • Corresponds with Planet – Jupiter
  • Represents – Guru, father, preacher, and judge.
  • Body parts – colon area, and reproductive system.

10th House

House of karma also known as Karmasthan.

The core of this house is livelihood, how to live or how to fulfil the basic necessities of life, from this house profession of the native can be judged. In other words, the path of career can be analysed.

Rank, authority, command, fame, honours and title from government, reputation, responsibilities are some other significances can be predicted from this house.

Some profession (based on placement) Geology mining, forest products profession related to these field suits the best.

Secretaries, executives, and political post as well as, agriculturists, banker, merchants can be predicted from this house.

Basic Principles of tenth House

  • Vedic Name- ‘karma sthan’
  • Corresponds with Sign- Capricorn
  • Corresponds with Planet – Saturn
  • Represents – Boss, powerful personalities, politicians, businessmen, and leaders.
  • Body parts – knee, and thighs.

11th House

House of Gains or Labha Bhava

Labha means gains. This is the house which deals with income/gains in other words tenth house is regarding work and how a person earns or gains from his/her work or job. It includes wealth and profit through commerce, income, and prosperity.

The essence of this house lies in desires and aspiration to get fulfilled.

All kind of comforts such as good luck, car, houses, ornaments, beautiful wife, clothes, food, enjoyment can be predicted through this house.

11th house also deals in Co- born, elder siblings, and friends.

Basic Principles of Tenth House

  • Vedic Name- ‘labha sthan’
  • Corresponds with Sign- Aquarius
  • Corresponds with Planet – Saturn
  • Represents – Friends, co-born, elder siblings, successful & wealthy personalities.
  • Body parts – left ear, and ankle.

12th House

House of Loss and Expenditure.

It is the last house of the Zodiac and is known as the house of loss, expenditure, and downfall such as lost, theft, expenditure, misappropriate use of money etc.

Admission to hospital due to prolong illness, addiction, sleeplessness, etc can be judged through this house and professions related to hospitals like doctors, nurses, surgeons and so on can be predicted.

If the 12th house is afflicted, then it may result to imprisonment as well. Professions related to jail such as police, jailers, prisons workers, etc., can be judged from this house.

This sign falls in water sign i.e., Pieces in natural zodiac. Owner of this sign is Jupiter, the preceptor of God. This is also a Mystical sign, the sign of spirituality. In other words, this is the final house of moksha or salvation that depicts how many births a person must take according to his/her karma and life after death.

Other than the above significances, this house also deals with foreign land or settlement in foreign, good fortune in faraway lands or abroad, delightful journey or travel.

At the time of marriage, this house is taken into the consideration for bed pleasures or Sayan Sukh.

Fantasy, dreams, and creativity are the other significance of this house.

Basic Principles of Twelfth House

  • Vedic Name- Vyaya Bhava
  • Corresponds with Sign- Pisces
  • Corresponds with Planet – Jupiter
  • Represents – Patient, doleful, police, doctor, and prisoner.
  • Body parts – Feet.
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