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Love is always most important part of everyone’s life. Pertinent questions are always there in your mind such as – how will be our love life, will I marry my lover, will the marriage prosper etc. There are so many questions arising in your minds which we can answer perfectly by our team of experienced Astrologers.

We will deeply analyse your horoscope and find if that is supporting love marriage or arranged marriage and find if you will get general happiness in relationship. Hereafter going through all minute details of your horoscope we guide you how, when and whom to you be get married, whether your spouse will be from your extended family, professional circle, neighbourhood, school friends etc can also be predicted.

    – Love marriage report                                                 INR 2100     $ 25

    – Success in love marriage report                                INR 2100    $ 25

    – Overall love reports                                                   INR 2100    $ 25

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