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Finance and money matters is one of the most important facets of your life. Leading a comfortable life and fulfilling your desires are the most preferred goals that one has in life and meeting them needs adequate financial support. You may be facing financial problems in life, imbalance between income and expenses, limited earnings and such financial perils may be troubling you. Getting out such finance related hardships may become a herculean task.

Astrology here would bail you out from such circumstances in life and put you on better place in terms of your financial health. It provides deep analysis of concerned planets and combinations related to finance in your horoscope. This would help in planning your financial journey in life in a better way such that you are able to live a comfortable life in terms of money matters.

We provide an insight and Astrological predictions related to Finance for next 5, 10 or 20 years as per your choice using expertise of our Astrologers. This will help you to plan your present and future actions related to your finances. There is an option to call and speak to our Astrologers for one-on-one tele consultation to better understanding of related issues. 


  • 5 year Finance Report                    INR 2100       $ 25
  • 10 year Finance Report                  INR 4100       $ 50
  • 20 year Finance Report                  INR 6100       $ 75
  • Tele-consultation for Finance (general overview)  INR 2100       $ 25

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