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Your career is one of the most crucial aspects that you need to know about, keep monitoring to assess if you are on the right track and making the correct decisions for its progress. This appears easy however exploring such options and making up your mind may not be that easy a task as one may feel. Astrology comes here as a saviour and provides a deep insight into various related aspects that provide you and equip you by all means to choose the correct path, make right decisions, and take your career on the best possible path.

Astrology gives you the analysis based on your planetary position in the natal chart, and their transit which has a major bearing on all facets of life including career. It helps you to choose the right career option between job or business, tells you the favourable and rewarding period or the phase which may see a restricted progress and then guides you how to handle the varied situations to sail past successfully.    

We provide an insight and Astrological predictions related to career for next 5, 10 or 20 years as per your choice using expertise of our Astrologers. This will help you to plan your present and future professional actions accordingly. There is an option to call and speak to our Astrologers for one-on-one tele consultation to better understanding of related issues.  


  • 5 year Career Report                 INR 2100       $ 25
  • 10 year Career Report              INR 4100       $ 50
  • 20 year Career Report              INR 6100       $ 75
  • Tele-consultation for Career (general overview)    INR 2100       $ 25 

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