Rahu In Pisces And Ketu In Virgo-30 October 2023

Rahu In Pisces And Ketu In Virgo-30 October 2023

It is well known that Rahu and Ketu are bad planets by nature. However, depending on where Rahu and Ketu are in your birth chart, each of the 12 zodiac signs will experience both positive and negative effects from their influence. On October 30, 2023, at 2:13 p.m., Rahu will move from the sign of Aries to the sign of Pisces, while Ketu will move from the sign of Libra to the sign of Virgo. This celestial event happens around every 18 months, and depending on where it falls in a person’s horoscope, different people will be affected accordingly.

Rahu is a materialistic planet that fosters cravings, develops inclinations towards addictions, and creates delusions in order to gratify your desires. It is but obvious that this shift of Rahu from Aries to Pisces may bring about transformation in one’s life, along with positivity and spiritualism in general attitude.

Ketu on the other hand is regarded as the planet that bestows spirituality and enlightenment to you. It is believed to be the main stay in bringing the much sought-after salvation for everyone. Ketu imbibes the spirit of self-realisation in a person and this aspect may also would involve some changes while Ketu transits to Virgo.

Astrologically important, this transit holds some secrets in the form of the influences that would be inflicted on various signs. Let’s discover what transformations this transit may bring about in various signs.


Your perspective of personal and professional lives will be skewed by Rahu’s interesting entrance into your 12th house and Ketu’s arrival in your sixth house. This phase is expected to be extremely challenging and will require steadfast commitment and perseverance to get through any challenges or setbacks. You’ll have a stronger desire to go far away and see new cultures. In terms of financial concerns, it is essential to use prudence. You’ll feel a tidal wave of desire to improve your life and increase your capacity for learning. It’s possible that you’ll engage in meaningless conflicts and unnecessary disputes. Foreign travel would be on cards during this transit.


Your life is being influenced by an intriguing combination as Rahu enters your 11th house and Ketu enters the 5th house from your sign. Your ability to network on social media will increase your circle, which can benefit many aspects of your life. The transit increases the likelihood of a financial windfall due to unforeseen gains and unusual sources of income. Even if your rivals may put up different challenges for you, you will overcome them all. You’ll run into loved ones and old friends, and you’ll enjoy the occasion. Rahu promotes ingenuity and a desire for growth, thus business endeavours are likely to prosper.


Prepare for a boost in your confidence when Rahu occupies your 10th house and Ketu settles into your 4th. Rahu’s influence may trigger abrupt adjustments or atypical job choices, which may result in unexpected advancement. There will be a greater need for acceptance. Your social networks are about to grow, and your financial situation is about to improve. Any money that has been blocked may now be unblocked. In order to make effective investments, trust your intuition and seek advice from experts. Conflict and misunderstandings might exist, which could strain your personal connection. Spend some quality time with your parents and take care of them. Your standing will widen your network of friends.


There is a need to restore your approach at this time since Rahu is occupying your ninth house and Ketu is settling into your third. Hard work and perseverance will help you achieve all of your goals. Professional adjustments in employment or career paths will result from the time period. Avoid taking short ways to gain more quickly since doing so might lead to your demise. Long-distance travel could be prominent and result in life-changing events. You’ll experience some family conflicts and a difficult relationship with your father or father’s health would be stressful. You might uncover your inner power and dispel any misunderstandings or uncertainties you may have about who you are, what you can do, and how you interact with others. You need to look after your health since you could be experiencing indigestion.


You are motivated and encouraged to improve your life and learn more at this time since Rahu and Ketu are in your second and eighth houses, respectively. Regarding shared money, inheritance, or even deeply psychological issues, unexpected developments are anticipated. Even though other coworkers might not understand how you operate, you will be granted a significant and powerful position. You can also launch a new business at this time. Financial strain may result from a propensity to overspend, make foolish investments, or participate in speculative activities. You’ll get more interested in spiritual topics over time. Reduce your stress levels, both physically and mentally.


Prepare for a cosmic confrontation that will serve as both a source of bravery and a diversion for you during this transit as Rahu establishes himself in your seventh house and Ketu relaxes in your first. Rahu’s passage will encourage a desire for change in the workplace. Unexpected employment openings could occur. It’s possible for new corporate alliances to form, presenting both benefits and challenges. Relationships will undergo a time of change as a result of this transit. Prospects for marriage might be affected, which could result in unanticipated consequences. There’s a risk you and your partner will argue, but sometimes being upfront with each other will help things work out. You need to look after both your physical and emotional health.



Rahu is in your sixth house for your sign, while Ketu will find shelter in your twelfth. To succeed professionally, you must put in more effort and use wiser work practices. You will come up with a lot of creative ideas to advance your profession. When financial fraud hides in plain sight, it is important to exercise caution to prevent damages. Maintain moral behaviour and keep unneeded disputes at bay. Misunderstandings may lead to marital issues. In every decision you make, your partner will be at your side. Your romantic endeavours will be successful, and there will be lots of tenderness and passion.   Some of you may experience health issues during this passage that have unidentified causes.


Rahu in the fifth house and Ketu in the eleventh house for Scorpio may provide you original and unique ideas for your line of work. You’ll be drawn to unconventional techniques to tackling problems. You will benefit from priceless time and chances to work with international partnerships. Even if you may have plenty of resources and will profit from speculative investments, it would still be useful for you to enlist the assistance of a professional in the area. New, intense, and profound love relationships might emerge. Relationships that were formerly entangled in a web of misunderstandings may be stimulated by the travel to move toward reconciliation. Relationship misconceptions that already exist may be cleared out at this time.


Rahu will be in your fourth house throughout this transit, while Ketu will be in your tenth house. Your professional networking will be impacted by this transit since your coworkers could take advantage of you, which could present difficulties. Work will become your constant companion, permeating every facet of your life with its impact. Before making any large purchases, it is advisable to conduct extensive study and planning since Rahu’s influence might lead to financial worries. Marriage undergoes the test of time, but love, an ever-romantic tale, persists. Family ties will be boosted during this period, and domestic harmony will be fostered. Your partner will always be there for you. The effects of this transit might affect your mother’s health.


You might expect a variety of shocks while Rahu transits through your third house and Ketu through your ninth house. Rahu is there to enhance your ego, while Ketu keeps you grounded by reminding you of life’s harsh realities. Rahu’s energy enhances goals and entrepreneurial aspirations, which may lead to a greater urge to start a business. While it won’t be easy sailing with career in the limelight, avoiding overconfidence can assist. You are urged to keep a balanced attitude while traveling during this time because there will be several trips. There may also be plans to go to lovely locations with family and/or a spouse. Relationship-wise, the emphasis could shift to enhancing interactions with younger siblings.


Rahu is in your second house during this transit, while Ketu is in your eighth house. You could think about implementing new technologies to bring about improvements in your line of work. At work, watch out for rivals who could try to ruin your professional reputation. It may be a good moment to explore novel and unusual financial options, but it’s important to proceed with caution and refrain from making snap judgments. Your personal connections may suffer at this time, leading to miscommunication and discord. During this time, it’s crucial to take good care of your health. You’ll concentrate on learning new things to better your health while doing yoga and meditation.


Prepare yourself for an unpredictable series of events in all aspects of your life during this time as Rahu moves into your first house and Ketu establishes a home in your seventh. You’ll experience an upsurge in zeal and passion for achieving your objectives. You could succeed in creative undertakings or business endeavours if you’re ready to take measured risks. You may improve your financial status by using better investing techniques with the assistance of the transit. You’ll feel more motivation to better yourself and a greater awareness of your inner self. During this time, your thoughts might significantly shift. To overcome any health-related difficulties, it would be best to promote certain lifestyle adjustments.


During this transit period, the voyage being undertaken by you may transform the way you live your life. Keeping a balance throughout this passage is important. Along the way, expect some of your thought patterns to shift, and don’t be shocked if you periodically feel a little restricted. Always keep in mind that you have the inner power to move on with confidence. Throughout the voyage, it’s critical to control your emotions. You must demonstrate the spirit to face any obstacle head-on with unyielding resolve and this will see you through this period.

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