Moon Stone (चंद्रमणि)

Moon Stone (चंद्रमणि)

Moonstone is a feldspar silicate of sodium, potassium, and aluminium with a glossy pearl like and opalescent appearance. Moonstones with a semi-transparent blue tinge across the entire stone and no obvious internal inclusions are of good quality and said to be extremely helpful for Astrological requirements. Astrologically, moonstones obtained from Sri Lanka are said to be the most beneficial.

Moonstone deposits are found naturally in some parts of the world namely in Armenia (mostly in Lake Sevan), Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Poland, Sri Lanka, Norway, India, and the United States. 

Astrological significance of Moonstone

The Vedic Rashi of Moonstone is Cancer in terms of Vedic Astrology. Moonstone has been found to be helpful for the people whose kundli has a malefic impact of Moon. Moonstone is a gemstone that provides good fortune to the person who wears it and fulfils the Astrological needs of the person. It calms him down, boosts his cognitive ability, and promotes clarity of thought. It increases a person’s perceptive power. It is related with love and affection and has a positive impact on love affairs. Moonstone can assist to calm the wearer’s aggressive nature. Moonstones have strong therapeutic properties and are useful in treating disorders related to hormonal balance and controlling depression. Especially for women, this is considered as very helpful in fertility aspects. It is believed to help in controlling the digestive system and bring relief from any imbalances.                   

Astrological need of Moonstone

Moonstone is encouraged to be worn by those involved in the arts and culture, such as performers, musicians, and authors, as this provides good Astrological outcomes for these people. It is a wonderful gemstone for those who travel a lot since it protects them from any untoward incidents and also make their journey prosperous. Moonstone is said to aid in the discovery of stability and the development of sentiments of power. It can also help people retain emotional balance and boost their self-esteem. Moonstone may also be worn by professionals in the medical field since it promotes empathy and a concern for their patients or clientele.

Choice of Moonstone for Astrology

        Moonstones that occur naturally range from opaque to semi-transparent to clear. Lower grade moonstones are opaque, whereas translucent moonstones are scarce and hence quite valuable. The greatest quality are those that are translucent and have few obvious inclusions. Moonstones with a blue hue are extremely uncommon and have a high monetary value. Such beautiful and rare moonstones are found in Brazil and Sri Lanka and are said to be the most valuable. It is sometimes used in place of pearls also.

        How to wear

        The Moonstone is to be washed with holy Gangajal and fresh milk. Then it is to be energised with mantra “Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Chandraya Namah” or “Om Soum Somaya Namah”. It is then to be worn on the little finger of your working hand. Monday is the day on which Moonstone is to be worn and should be done in the morning. Good time to wear it is between 4 to 7 am, as this is considered auspicious time in the day.  

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