Mars transit in Virgo : 18 August to 3rd October 2023

Mars transit in Virgo : 18 August to 3rd October 2023

Mars the planet of courage, vigour, passion and aggressive deeds is all set to transit in Virgo, the sign related to being systematic, health and perfection. The transit takes place on 18 August 2023 and would continue its journey in this sign till 3rd October 2023.

Mars’s transit through Virgo  may result in an increase in vigour, drive, and confidence, especially in relation to employment, health, and desire to go into detail of the things. However, having a tendency to be too critical, impetuous, or conflict-prone may also provide difficulties. Hence, during this transit, people should be conscious of these effects that may be visible in their lives and as a better means of passing through this phase in a subtle manner, must practise self-awareness about the impact that may take place, indulge in self-care to face the challenges if any, and maintain a good expression.

Positive impact of the transit

Mars is frequently linked to initiative and problem-solving trait of a person and hence carries a great value in our lives. It can improve a person’s capacity for being a good leader through enhanced self-confidence, wisdom to make the right choices, capability to plan proficient tactics to handle the challenges, which get boosted during this transit of Mars. Consequently, it may bring about a prosperous period in professional contexts where such qualities of a person are most important for career progression.

People may feel more energised both physically and mentally during Mars’ passage through Virgo. It may result in enhanced inspiration and efficiency to pursue the goals, consequently getting better outcomes. The Mars transit can provide people who are feeling drained or disillusioned the much-needed energy boost they need to tackle the responsibilities that they may have undertaken and the targets they have set with fresh burst of energy.

Mars is also regarded as the planet of love and passion. Mars’s transit can result in deeper, more rewarding romantic encounters with the loved one and help revive the passion in already established partnerships. People may have a greater need for closeness, stronger emotional ties, and enhanced passion in their relationships.

Strength and physical energy are attributes of Mars. People may enjoy increased levels of physical fitness while Mars is in transit by having a stronger predisposition towards activities that can promote physical fitness. There will be a desire or attraction towards participating in the activities that would improve the physical fitness, like sports, yoga or doing exercise.

Health is improved through increased physical fitness and improved immunity. Power of Mars during the transit may energise the body and encourage physical wellbeing through enhanced immunity. This transit can help people who want to improve their general health and vitality, recover from sickness or injury, or both.

Negative impact of the transit

Mars is renowned for being an intense and active planet. Mars’ transit may have an impact on a variety of facets of life, including intimate connections, the workplace, and everyday routines. It can also have a detrimental effect on mental and emotional health. People may experience feelings of restlessness, impatience, or discomfort, which can raise stress and anxiety.

Mars is linked to aggression, impatience, and restlessness. Hence, during this transit, relationships may become strained, hasty decisions may be made, and impulsive actions may be displayed. Due to an increase in above traits, people may feel unfavourable effects from Mars’ transit in Virgo in different aspects of their lives, including an increase in confrontations, disagreements, and impulsive behaviour.

People may experience a greater drive to perform and push themselves during transit of Mars in Virgo. Overwork, worry, and tiredness may rise accordingly. As a result, if it is not adequately handled, it can have a detrimental influence on both physical and mental health.

Increased physical vitality and assertiveness during this transit of Mars can occasionally lead to impatience and carelessness. Due to rapid actions, impulsive behaviour, or violent inclinations, there may be higher probability of mishaps or injury. Hence there is a need to be very cautious and avoid any adventurous activities that may be prone to injuries.

Effects of transit on various signs


As the governing planet of Aries, Mars’s transit through Virgo may have a particularly significant impact on Aries people. The concentration on job, health, and daily routine may increase, but there may be some enhanced stress too. Hence, during this transit, Aries people need to strike a balance between their prosperity and care of their well-being.


Taurus people could see a rise in their artistic endeavours, interests, or love connections. In artistic or romantic endeavours, there could also be a tendency for being unduly critical or self-doubting, which can impede expressing oneself.


You will benefit from this travel in terms of your finances as well. You can purchase or sell a new property during this time. There is a chance that your professional life might undergo some significant adjustments. Take care of health during this phase.


People with Cancer sign could experience an increase in energy and enthusiasm to express themselves, share their thoughts, or take part in social events. However, there might also be a tendency for aggressive speech which can lead to setbacks.


Leos may experience an increase in their drive to manage their finances and take control of their things. Additionally, since words have the power to injure, one must control aggressive words. Some ups and downs in your family relationships may be there.


Virgo people need to be very cautious in this period. In work life, try not to make decisions quickly without thinking. Control anger since it has the potential to harm a lot of things in life. Keep an eye on expenditures and try to increase the saving.


People with the sign of Libra could experience a burst of motivation to practise spirituality. A greater feeling to explore oneself and a need for more in-depth reflection may be there. There could also be a tendency to feel restless or alone.


Scorpio people during this transit may see better financial state, and any previous investments made will provide good return. Family life will benefit from this transit. However, time is not good for love birds as there may be challenges and conflicts.


Sagittarius during this phase may succeed in their professional endeavours. The inclination to be unduly critical or impatient at work may exist, and this can lead to disputes. The period will be advantageous for health. Challenges in family life may be there.


Capricorn ought to put forth a lot of effort to succeed during this transit. Also, there is a need to watch out for professional competitors. It is prudent to use extra restraint when speaking, avoid harsh words. Time is helpful for resolving issues in family.


Aquarius people may see enthusiasm and drive to take on financial issues and strengthen their close relationships. Personal development may be there on agenda. However, there could be chances of mental stress due to various challenges on personal front.


Pisces may see some stress due to the highs and lows in personal as well as professional matters during this transit. Avoid any harsh words with spouse and take care of health. Financial gains may be there, but avoid any unwanted expenditures. 

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