Mars enters in Cancer 10th May to 30th June 2023

Mars enters in Cancer 10th May to 30th June 2023

Mars, the fiery sign, entering in its debilitation sign, Cancer, on 10th May. Mars, the planet of action and passion combines its energy with the emotional sign Cancer. These two are believed to be contradictory with each other by virtue of being a combination of Fire and Water. During this phase there would many upheavals in emotions which will affect your relationships both at personal as well professional front. Let’s now take holistic view of the impact of this transit over the 12 signs.


During this phase, Mars will enhance your passions, bless you with an enthusiastic approach and strong willpower to scale new heights in your career. But at the same time, you need to be cautious so as not to go beyond your capabilities and take unwanted path to achieve your goals, that at later stage may bring dismay. 


The transit will bring a drive in you that will prompt you to meet new people, attend gatherings where you may be able to make personal as well as professional relationships. But you need to keep a check on your speech and avoid harsh words leading to unwanted tussles. This is the time to explore and know about new things and people around you.


The transit may bring many opportunities for you that will lead to profitable deals which earn handsome returns now and also in the times to come. Make wise investments during this phase and you may even take calculated risk but only under the guidance of an expert. This is the period to control your aggressive deeds and just focus on your path to success.


The impact of the transit may inflict anger and a frustrated behaviour in you, though this is not your actual behaviour, but people around you may not take this positively, hence a word of caution for you. You must avoid throwing your weight on your dear ones and not giving them any space. Staying away from adventurous activities and driving would be beneficial for your good health. Put your efforts in a right direction.


Challenges may be there in store for you on personal as well as professional fronts. You need to remain focussed towards these aspects and do not let any negativity set in. The phase may also bring some issues related to wealth gains as there may be a bit of slackness in your earnings on one hand, and on the other hand some unexpected expenses may be lined up, financial prudence would be required during this period.


The transit of Mars in cancer may bring about a blessed period for you in terms of your profession and finances. Relationships developed in the past would now become fruitful as they may help you tide over the obstacles enroute and take you towards your goals with ease. Challenging times in relationships may also prevail, which may require your attention and care.  


For you the period will entail new trends, tight schedules and confrontations at workplace that may require your diligent, well planned and well thought approach. You need to be bold and at the same time be mentally and physically ready to take on the numerous new tasks coming your way. Surely to will come out with flying colours to prove your worth in front of all and maintain your respect.


Your inclinations to be close to your feelings and be devoted towards the spiritual deeds will be quite visible during this transit. Focus would remain towards understanding the truth of life and exploring new horizons of heavenly belief that would bring about a new change in your perspective about life. Travel plans may get executed in this period. Your inclination towards research in subject of choice may get a boost. 


This phase may bring a period that would call for improving your actions towards your finances. You need to strike a balance between your earnings and the expenditures and plan the finances in a manner that at any given point of time there is no financial challenge coming your way. You need to focus towards the meaning of life that you perceive and what changes you need to adopt to align yourself with the spiritual well-being.


The period call for your calm and composed attitude, and a well thought plan of action especially at your work front that runs as a partnership. Keep a check on your aggressive spirits and take steps that are right for your progress and for the benefit of your profession. Well planned moves will go a long way in your favour during this phase.


The transit of Mars in cancer will boost your management skills and you would pose to be a very methodical person working as per a well carved out plan. Your success will be round the corner with this newly adopted approach. Keeping a tag of your health would be desirable since some health issues are foreseen during this phase.   


The transit will bring a boost in your capabilities and enhance your proficiency at workplace through your skills, knowledge and wise decisions. The period will keep your inclination towards your near and dear ones as you may tend to spend more time with your family and friends, take care of their needs, help your children with their difficulties and support them in their endeavours.


The transit of Mars in Cancer is regarded as a crucial transit since this may bring about varied outcomes for various signs that may not only have the impact during this phase, but in some cases may have long lasting impacts. Understanding the upcoming trends in a better way may go a long way in providing the opportunity to all to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally in a better way to face the results of the transit.  

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