Lunar Eclipse : 5th May 2023

Lunar Eclipse : 5th May 2023

Date & Time of Lunar Eclipse

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2023 will occur on the 5th May 2023 and this will be a Penumbral eclipse. The eclipse is expected to begin at 8.45 PM on 5th May will reach peak at 10.53 PM on 5th itself and then end by 1 AM on 6th May.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse

Moon carries a great significance in Vedic Astrology. Moon is believed to control your thoughts and feelings, it has a deep connection with your mind, the way you think, what you think and even how your mind behaves in different situations. The brain games, mind swings, fluctuations of your mood, all is connected with the Moon and its position in your horoscope. Lunar eclipse, does brings some impact on these related aspects, the outcomes may be favourable or otherwise varying for different signs. So, let us see the influence of this Lunar Eclipse on you.

Astrological Effects of Lunar Eclipse 12 signs.


Gains in knowledge, inclinations towards better ways and means of expression and improved generosity will come by. You may face some health challenges with influence on both mental and physical. Control your emotions well to avoid any issues on personal or professional fronts, this will bring about some positivity for you during this phase.


Taurus may see some challenges coming your way as the eclipse takes its form to transform your life. Money matters may tend to create problems for you and call for better management. Professional activities may need extra efforts and focus. Separation from family, probably due to work-related trips may take place. Be bold and face the challenges.


Better professional outcomes hold for you as your actions and zeal transform into favourable results, that may have long lasting effects. This phase will financially benefit you with inflow of money from various sources. Earnings may grow and profitable property related deals will enhance your wealth. Good time to invest in real estate, but after proper analysis and planning.


Cancer may see some changes in their behaviour that would have an impact on the near ones. Aggression may remain a high during this phase, hence the need to remain calm and avoid any arguments with anyone. Mental stress may create issues for you, keeping calm is the key to maintaining good mental health. Try to mingle and interact with people around and avoid keeping aloof. Challenges in career and finances may also bother you.


Lunar eclipse would bring mixed results for Leo. There may be some changes that will bring you better moments, success and gains both on personal as well as professional fronts. Though you may at times face the pinch in terms of delays in getting the positive outcome. Sometimes you may feel that all your efforts would go waste and then suddenly you may see a ray of hope leading to the final favourable result. Keep calm and be patient.


Virgo may see a positive transformation in life with fortune turning tables in your favour. The eclipse may bless you with wisdom and incline you to learn new things that will help you to improve your capabilities in profession. Wealth gains will be there with profitable property deals and in flow of money from various sources. But you need to keep in mind that your behaviour with people should be good, your arrogance can harm your relations hence a word of caution on this aspect.


Libra may go through a phase of challenges as an impact of the eclipse. This will influence your feelings and thoughts, thereby having outcomes that may not be welcome by people around you. Unnecessary frustration over trivial issues and fluctuations in mood may hamper most of the activities that you may undertake. Controlling such behaviour would help in maintaining relations with your near and dear ones. Meditation would be very helpful in such a scenario.


This phase may bring better moments and outcomes for you. You may feel enlightened under the influence of the Lunar eclipse that will transform your perspective about most of the things in life. You will be more practical and positive, will understand and analyse the aspects in a better and constructive manner. Though some delays in getting success may prevail, but you would be able to handle this with ease.


Sagittarius has better outcomes and positivity in store under the impact of the Lunar eclipse. You may feel that you are livelier and more enthusiastic in this period, sudden boost in your capability is visible. Socialising and interacting with people, developing relationships becomes a norm. The feel-good factor will always be reflected in your personality and actions.


Capricorn will find this phase very productive and beneficial leading to fulfilment of their desires. On the professional front, your potential will get a boost and you may encounter many new opportunities coming your way that will bring a surge in your career. Your rise in position at workplace may come by clubbed with financial gains and benefits. But your prosperity may not be welcome by all, therefore a word of caution to be vigilant.


Aquarius may come across some highs and lows as an impact of the Lunar eclipse. You will leave no stone unturned towards achieving success in your professional endeavours, however, limited gains would come your way. Keep calm as slowly the success rate will grow and then you will feel satisfied. Sooner or later your efforts will bring handsome gains, so continue with determined approach both on professional and personal fronts.   


Pisces will have their share of ups and downs under the impact of this eclipse. Many positives will happen that will transform your way of life, like you will become more learned, wise and straightforward. Your mental as well as physical capabilities will enhance In this phase. Focus would remain on career and good returns will be there, but for this you would have to pass through many challenges to get success. Relationships may take a backseat in this phase.

Common Remedies

  • Avoid having food during the period when Lunar Eclipse is taking place.
  • Prepare food after the eclipse and feed all.
  • Take bath after the Lunar Eclipse gets over.
  • Chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra during the eclipse if your are suffering from some illness.
  • Chant the Mantra of concerned planet whose dasha or period you are going through.
  • Avoid going out of the house while the Lunar Eclipse is taking place.


The Lunar eclipse is a very powerful event that has immense Astrological significance. It has the capability of transforming your life on either positive or the negative direction, hence taking cognisance of the outcomes becomes very necessary for everyone. Even when the results are negative for some, this phase does bring you closer to the reality of life and its highs and lows, which become a good learning for you so that you empower yourself mentally and physically to face such events and outcomes in future.  

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