From April 12th, 2022, Rahu Will Be In Aries And Ketu Will Be In Libra

From April 12th, 2022, Rahu Will Be In Aries And Ketu Will Be In Libra

The points of intersection of the Sun’s orbit with the orbit of the Moon in the Northern and Southern hemispheres are known as Rahu and Ketu in Astrology, these form two nodes known as the North and South nodes. These are sometimes known as the shadow planets in Astrology, however they are not planets in the traditional sense. The Dragon’s head (Rahu) and the Dragon’s tail (Ketu)are other names for them. They spend 18 months in a single sign during the transit.

Rahu is a malefic planet by nature, but it is also capable of blessing you with positive outcomes when it is properly situated, and it generally favours those involved in politics and those who are evil-minded. It provides you notoriety and fame through your unfavoured activities, but it also has the capacity to increase your money and property.

When compared to Rahu, Ketu is associated with spiritual deeds and has a different essence altogether. It provides you with wisdom and tools for better comprehending the circumstance. It provides knowledge and lessons that aid in the development of your complete personality. It inspires people to seek out vast spiritual knowledge and follow a path of detachment from material pleasures which aptly lead to salvation. Under Ketu’s influence, there is a great deal of enlightenment which comes to the life of a person, who in turn feel the transformation in life in a very smooth and subtle manner.

Rahu will enter Aries on April 12th, and Ketu will enter Libra simultaneously. Aries is a fiery sign, and as a result, it bestows strength and confidence in your actions. It provides you a lot of energy, makes you highly adventurous, and gives you a never give up mentality which comes as a boon for all the facets of life. On the other hand, it may cause you to become more irritable and aggressive, which you should avoid to take control over your mind and activities. Rahu’s entry into Aries makes a person bold, forceful, active, combative, and a good leader.

Ketu, on the other hand, moves into the sign of Libra. Librans are gregarious, sociable, and social people who strive for stability and harmony in their relationships. When Ketu enters Libra, you become kinder and more compassionate. On a route to extreme spiritual inclinations and salvation, one becomes spiritually active and motivated to the point of becoming alienated from the rest of the world, heading towards salvation.

The impact of this transit on the 12 Moon Signs


This transit will take place in your 1st house of self and 7th  house of marriage, business, and partnership for you. Rahu will shower you with unconventional thinking, and you will be more willing to put your ideas into action by taking risks. You might be brave enough to confront any adversity and handle it gracefully. Married couples may have certain hard times in their marriage, which might lead to a split between them. During this passage of Rahu-Ketu, your business may flourish and you may make significant cash benefits.


Taurians will notice that this transit occurs in the 12th house of foreign land, bed pleasure, and expenses, as well as the 6th  house of disease, contests, and disagreements. During this period, you will notice both expected and unexpected expenses linked to health, visits, and travel. In general, your health will be excellent, but you must exercise caution. You’ll be successful in any sort of competitions or rivalries that you may face. There’s a potential you’ll be transferred or relocated and start a new work. In a romantic relationship, there may be feelings of love and affection.


For Gemini, the transit occurs in the 11th  house of fulfilment of desires and the 5th  house of children and creativity. This transit will be beneficial to your career; if you are seeking for a professional break in form of a new and good job, this is the time to do it. Finances will improve, and good fortune may be accumulated to make you financially stable. You might be a very creative person who is drawn to various performing arts such as dramatics and singing. There may be minor health complications, but nothing to be much concerned about.


The transit would fall in the 10th  house of career and the 4th  house of assets, motherland, and mother for Cancerians. The transit here would be beneficial to your job; several options to advance your career may exist, and you must act quickly to take advantage of them. You might feel compelled to purchase real estate near your home and be in proximity of your native place. This period may also enhance your financial situation and increase your wealth; however, avoid investing in speculative markets because you may end up burning your hands without making any money. Take care of your mother, as she may be experiencing some small health concerns.


The transit of Rahu-Ketu may happen in Leo’s 9th  house of religious deeds, spirituality, and travel, as well as the 3rd   house of communication and determination. This transit offers a lot of journeys to faraway areas or foreign lands that could be relevant to your profession and will be profitable for you, this may also be beneficial for your personal matters. Finances will stay stable, and investment profits will be obvious. Your romantic life will improve, and if you are single, you may meet your soul mate and begin a relationship.


The transit will take place in Virgo’s 8th house of suddenness, occult science, and accidents, as well as the 2nd house of family, relatives, and hidden genius. This transit is likely to produce average outcomes, with some relationship issues and a lack of amicable relations with family members. Your money may have some highs and lows, and you should limit your spending to avoid any unanticipated bills. Unexpected incidents can place you in a dangerous scenario. You might develop an interest in occult science and want to learn more about it. During this time, avoid participating in any adventurous activities as there may a chance of getting some injuries.


This transit will occur in the 7th  house of partnership, marriage, and legal bonding, as well as the 1st  house of self and inner wants and feelings for Librans. In marital life, this transit is expected to offer love and devotion, yet some misunderstandings are possible. The partnership business will thrive, and revenues will increase significantly. Career prospects will be stable, with an upward tendency. During this transit, you may find yourself doing some soul searching and probing your deepest sentiments. There may be occasional mood fluctuations, but they will not be harmful.


The transit will fall in Scorpio’s 6th  house of sickness and debt, as well as the 12th  house of spending, salvation, and hospitalisation. In your professional life, you will achieve ordinary achievements, work will be stable, and your relationships with colleagues and superiors will improve throughout the voyage. There may be some health issues, as well as hospital visits. Your search for the truth of life on the road to salvation may take a significant turn in the transit with long-term consequences. It’s possible that old loans will be paid off during this time, and you’ll be tempted to borrow money again.


This transit occurs in the 5th  house of speculation, creativity, and children, as well as the 11th house of wishes and fulfilment of wants for Sagittarians. This transit enhances your inventiveness and bestows on you a new talent that you learn throughout this time. When your investments in the speculative market produce strong and lucrative returns, your financial stability will be increased. You would devote quality time to youngsters and attend to their needs. During this passage, your social activities may increase. Your career will be on the rise in his period.


This transit would fall in Capricorn’s 4th  house of mother, native land, and property, as well as the 10th  house of career, power, and honour. Your job advancement may be hampered by the transit; you may have to work harder to gain promotion or rewards. The financial situation would stay steady, but incomes would be limited, while no financial crisis would occur. Your mother’s relationship with you would improve. You could feel compelled to return to your hometown drawn by your love for your near and dear ones.


The transit will take place in the 3rd  house of communication, courage, and aggressiveness, as well as the 9th  house of religion, morality, ethics, and travel for Aquarians. On the professional front, the transit is bringing you excellent fortune and opportunities to reach new heights which will transform your career altogether. You could feel very motivated to organise a religious event and actively participate in it which will reflect your inclination towards religious deeds. There may also be a few small ravels relating to your occupation. In married life, there will be a return to harmony and a strengthening of the couple’s relationship. If you don’t manage your anger at this time, you can miss out on the advantages.


The transit will affect the Pisceans’ 2nd  house of family, relatives, and acquired money, as well as the 8th  house of unexpected events, injuries, and accidents. During the transit, you may have some unexpected financial gains, increasing your total fortune manifolds and there will an overall stability in your finances. Love matters may face some difficulties; thus, it is best to remain cool and let this phase pass. You must be extremely cautious and avoid any risky actions during this passage of Rahu-Ketu, since you may get injury. Avoid any squabbles or harsh words with your family and relatives, since this can only lead to resentment in your connection with them.

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