Emerald (पन्ना )

Emerald (पन्ना )

Emerald is a green gemstone associated with the planet Mercury. A gemstone is referred to as “Green Beryl” if its green hue is extremely pale; only deeper green tones are considered “Emerald.” The green to greenish blue variant of the mineral beryl is known as emerald. In Hindi, emerald stone is referred to as “Panna.” Emerald is a wise stone that improves memory and fosters mental clarity. A fine and high-quality emerald has a great degree of clarity and a pure, vivid green tone. Three different inclusion types are often seen in emeralds: gaseous bubbles, liquid films, and solid crystals. Inclusions are present in almost 99% of emeralds. Because they are so uncommon, pure and clear emeralds are extremely expensive. The earliest recorded emerald mines date back to around 330 BC and were located in Egypt. Colombia is now the world’s leading producer and supplier of emeralds.

Astrological significance of Emerald 

In Vedic Astrology Virgo and Gemini are the rashis connected to Emerald. Emerald is a good choice for those whose lagna or ascendant is Taurus. As the lord of the second and fifth houses, Mercury is the “yogakaraka” for the sign of Taurus. Emerald bestows to its natives prosperity, notoriety, and admiration. Emerald is additionally fortunate for those with the ascendants or lagnas of Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. When worn with a diamond, it produces even greater effects in the signs of Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius.  

Astrological need for Emerald

Emerald is believed to be a booster for intellect, creativity, communications skills, fame and finance for the person wearing it. It is believed to enhance the wisdom and the capability to make the right decisions. It works good for improving the mental health conditions and highly preferred for this. It also plays a vital role in fostering better bonding and understanding among the couples facing compatibility issues.

Choice of Emerald for Astrological Usage

When using a gemstone for astrological purposes, its colour is more important than its clarity. Emerald’s clarity is particularly important for jewellery as it is utilised as an astrological gemstone in addition to being an ornamental stone. Emerald refers to a dark green or blue-green beryl mineral.  Blueish green to pure green are the best shades of emerald. Although there are Emerald mines across the world, the primary sources are in Brazil, Zambia, and Colombia. According to Vedic astrology, Colombian emeralds are the most preferred because of their excellent, vivid green colour and tint. When purchasing, Zambian emeralds may also be taken into consideration, but Colombian emeralds should always be the first option.

How to wear Emerald

It is best to wear emerald in silver when wearing it for Astrological needs. The ring needs to be cleaned the night before it is worn by immersing it in a mix made of holy “ganga jal”  and raw milk, or “panchamrit.” The next day it should be washed with gangajal first. Then one should wear the ring after doing a “puja” and reciting the mantra “Om bum budhaaya namah” 108 times to energise the ring. According to vedic astrology, the right little finger is the finest place to wear an emerald ring for astrological purposes.    

                                       ॐ बुं बुधाय नमः

Day and time to wear : Any Wednesday of Shuklapaksh, after two hours of sunrise

Finger : Little finger of right hand

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