Astrological significance of Eid

Astrological significance of Eid

Eid is an auspicious festival of Muslims all over the world, it signifies end of sacred month of Ramzan. It falls on the beginning of the Shawwal month, which is the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad got the first disclosure of sacred Quran in this holy month.

The date of the Eid depends upon sighting of the crescent Moon according to astronomical calculations, if the Moon is not visible after 29th day of Ramzan month, then celebrations of Eid festival are held on next day. It is celebrated for paying regards to the Allah or Prophet Muhammad who grants the person power and forbearance to observe the month long fast.

The celebrations of Eid festival begin with Namaz or prayer and followed by exchange of wishes and other celebrations with, family members and social circles.   

This year the auspicious month of Ramadan began on evening of 2nd April 2022 and will last till 2nd or 3rd May 2022. Eid will be observed on either 2nd or 3rd May depending on sighting of crescents Moon. Eid, which is last day of Ramzan month is culminated as celebration with meals and exchange of wishes.

Meaning of Ramadan

Ramzan means ‘fasting month’ and is regarded as the most auspicious month by Muslims all over the world out of the nine months of Islamic Lunar Calendar year. Ramadan word is taken from an Arabic word ramida which means Sweltering heat. People observe fast from dawn to dusk during this period to pay regard to the Prophet Mohammad and obtain self-restraint, self-control and self- reserved qualities in the personality. This purifies your soul and one understands the value of water and food and takes a person away from the bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking or harassing others.

During the fasting period, person is supposed to offer Fajr(prayer) before morning meal called Sehri. By the evening family members sit together for the dinner to break their fast, this makes the moment remarkable as the entire family is together and united, it also strengthens the social bonding among the family members. This family dinner is called Iftar.


Essence of Namaz

During the scared month of Ramzan people are supposed to offer Namaz at least five times a day, there is an announcement of time of prayer or Namaz from the Masjid at specified time by the Imam(priest), and this is called Azaan, which is a prayer offered to the Allah.

Person is supposed to donate cash or kind to needy people during the auspicious month of Ramzan, and this is called Zakat. The act of kindness abolishes selfishness from the hearts of those who believe in Ramzan and when they spend time with needy people, they will be able to understand their problems. That is the reason people are encouraged to keep fast with full faith and devotion to become good natured and kind hearted human beings, it also purifies their body and soul.

There are different types of Eid which are celebrated in the year and these are-

Eid- al-Fitr

Eid-al-Fitr is the day which signifies the end of Ramzan. It is the month to keep fast and offer prayer to Prophet Muhammad, people attend Friday Namaz called Khutba and also donate cash and kind to needy persons. They are not supposed to keep fast on this day.

Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha is important festival and this marks the completion of Hajj which coincides with this. Many people go to Macca and Madina as part of pilgrimage called Hajj. Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha after completion of Hajj. This is the festival of sacrifice and people recall the Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son so as to show his commitment to God.


Eid-e-Milad is celebrated to acclaim the birth of Prophet Muhammad. It is also celebrated as a day of grieve because Prophet died on the same day. Muslims begin their day with morning prayer and followed by a huge social gathering in the Mosque.


Eid-e-Ghadeer is a festival celebrate because Ali ibn Abi Talib was appointed as successor of the Prophet Muhammad. People observe fast on this day and take holy bath. They offer prayer and distribute food to adherers.


Shab-e-Barat means night of forgiveness, it is the day when Prophet Muhammad came to Makkah.  People pray to Allah during night hours and recite Quran before sunrise.

Astrological Significance of Eid

The Eid will be celebrated on the 2-3 May as per the sighting of the waxing crescent Moon. There is a different date of Eid every year because the Eid date and time is decided by the Islamic Lunar calendar, whereas the Western calendar follows the Solar months which are generally longer in duration as compared to the Lunar months. Hence sighting of the crescent Moon will change every year as seen in the Western calendar.

The waxing crescent Moon brings you closer to your inner self, it provides opportunities to develop a spiritual connection with your soul and understand the meaning of your desires, dreams and your intents. You may even reconcile these and take a new turn in your life once you are aware of the facts of life and are able to weigh the pluses and minuses.

As the Moon grows in size, it brings its light of wisdom on you and you may keep improving in terms of your spirit, your thoughts and feelings and the deep desires that you may have in the sense that now you would be able to correlate the inner feelings and deeds with your related activities and actions.    

This phase will tend to make you more strong, determined and resolute. You will be in a better position to take bold decisions. This will be complimented with your enhanced ambitions and proficiency in work. People near you may be intended to rely on you for help when they are in need. Your strength may at times give a false belief that you may keep going relentlessly, however, yoi need to use the wisdom and analyse the things first and once you are completely satisfied that your step forward is in the right direction, then only move ahead with your decisions.   


The festival of Eid is considered as very important for the Islamic community, however it also marks the qualities of the crescent Moon associated with it, which benefits all the people irrespective of the religious belief. The entire month people observe fast and develop their inner strength and perseverance. This is further complimented with the power of crescent Moon to further shower its blessings for better times ahead.  

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