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Horoscope for 2024


As we bid farewell to 2024, the new year brings with it new optimism. Despite our best efforts, changing times bring new obstacles into our lives. These 2024 astrology forecasts are made by our top astrologers for maximum accuracy based on the 2024 zodiac components in your signs. In these challenging times, the horoscope 2024 may be just what the doctor ordered.

In many ways, 2024 is going to be a year of reflection of one self and subsequent journey of transformation. You might stress the significance of self-care and care of your near and dear ones. It will be a hectic year, however, you may be engaged in some new endeavours different from past years. There may be highs and lows in the family life. There may be challenges in the field of education for the children and employment, but success will be reached in the end. The emphasis will shift away from work and everyday routines, towards larger themes in life like satisfaction in work, contentment in life and intimacy in relationships. This is the year to prioritise your health and well-being, and adhere to the right path that will improve your health. Singles may attract several lovers, but self-love will provide the most fulfilment, though love life will also prosper.

Your zodiac sign’s horoscope 2024 will provide you with a thorough bird’s eye view of your year ahead, including Love, Career, Education, Marriage, Finance, Health, and Property. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your activities and consequences. You may always use these Horoscope 2024 predictions as a guide for the upcoming year to avoid unexpected difficulties or discover answers to unavoidable problems. There is no finer feeling than making a critical decision and having everything go exactly as planned.


What awareness can you get from your yearly Horoscope ?

An annual horoscope is a compilation of astrological yearly forecasts organised by zodiac sign. Any yearly forecast, whether for 2024 or any other year, is based on the planetary positions in that year and how they will effect individuals. Every astrological forecast, such as the 2024 yearly horoscope, is divided into twelve zodiac signs, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Predictions are made for specific zodiac signs about various areas of the native’s life. Career, academics, relationships, marriage, children or family, company or profession, health, and travel are among of the most popular and important topics of prediction.

Your yearlong horoscope explains the planets’ placements, in detail. Our Kundli can house up to 12 people. These 12 houses reflect 12 different aspects of life, such as hostility, money, love, and so on. At any one time, each of these elements is governed by a different planet.

Significance of yearly horoscope

Yearly horoscope forecasts are a certain approach to overcome phobias and inhibitions. Individuals may get over their tension and anxiety about a new year and how it will effect their life by reading yearly astrological horoscopes. If you are feeling unmotivated or dissatisfied in the present, reviewing your yearly horoscope may reveal that the coming year will be a favourable and lucky year for you. As a result, the astrological features of your zodiac sign or Rashi will raise your attitude and drive you to work towards a brighter future.

The new year brings with it a slew of new opportunities for everyone of us. But how can we be assured that the opportunity is indeed available to us? Reading your annual horoscope is the simplest way to learn more. The InstaAstro yearly horoscope is the result of collaboration among the most professional and educated Vedic astrologers, who utilised their knowledge to analyse the planets and their motions in order to anticipate how those movements will effect a person’s life through a yearly horoscope. The yearly horoscope is designed to provide you a glance into how your life—with all of its varied parts, such as love, marriage, and job—will unfold in the future year.


An overview on key categories for 2024

Career prospects in 2024, an overview

This year’s Career Horoscope for all of us is highly impacted by four planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu (Dragon’s head and tail). Because Saturn is in Aquarius and in a joyful mood, everyone may expect consistent professional progress except between June 29th and November 16th, when Saturn will be in its retrogression phase. Furthermore, the fresh movement of Rahu and Ketu in Pisces and Virgo throughout the year will bring numerous changes in your job that may be affected by individuals from other countries, and your professional mobility will have a direct impact on your money. As the year comes to a conclusion, Saturn’s gradual movement towards Rahu will intensify professional demands. Jupiter’s transit from Aries to Taurus in May will be a game changer for all of us. Depending on how Jupiter aligns in your chart, we will observe a shift from comfort to struggle OR from obstacles to a dramatic surge in status.

Finances in the year 2024, an overview

The transit of Saturn into Aquarius and Jupiter into Taurus, both fixed and benevolent signs, will keep finances stable in 2024. Rahu in Pisces is a wild card that will have varied effects on different people depending on where it falls in your horoscope this year. The movement of Mercury and the phases when it will go retrograde, as well as Venus’ connections with Saturn and Jupiter, will have the most influence on your finances in 2024. Short-term finances and prospects for fast money will be provided by the positions of Mercury, Venus, and Mars throughout the year and how they interact with the main planets. Furthermore, your finances will be influenced by the dasa phase you are in as well as how Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu will move during the year.

Love & relationship horoscope 2024, an overview

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, your 2024 love horoscope brings a dazzling assortment of new prospects for romance, intimacy, and connection to each zodiac sign. This year is chock-full of significant cosmic moments that will help everyone advance in love and friendship, including some relationship-testing eclipses, amorous Venusian connections, and a biannual Mars retrograde that challenges us to check in with our desires. Relationships are never easy, but there’s a lot of sweetness to be had this year, as well as a lot of vital lessons to be learned. There may also be some highs and lows in relationships due the connections of Venus with Rahu and Ketu during the year that may have to be analysed in depth and one has to start preparing for the same.

Important transit of planets in 2024 


Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati (Guru), is revered as the ‘guru of holy creatures’ and the personification of knowledge and wisdom. It is the most beneficent planet, being devoted, expansive, and generous. Jupiter is in charge of finances, spiritual endeavours, skills in teaching, and children. A well-placed Jupiter in the birth chart may make a person wealthy and prominent. A ‘Guru,’ which means instructor, trains a person how to live in a religious setting and worship God in order to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life. During the year 2024, Jupiter leaves Aries on May 1st and enters Taurus, bringing variations on luck and chances to succeed. Jupiter goes retrograde on October 9, promoting meditation and reappraisal. It is advisable to examine strategies during this time.


Saturn is going to keep on transiting Aquarius in 2024. It will go retrograde on 30th June and then becomes direct (progressive) on 15th November. In terms of Nakshatra transits, Saturn will go to Purva Bhadrapada on 6th April, then to Shatabhisha on 3rd October, and back to Purva Bhadrapada on 27th December.

Rahu & Ketu

From the 30th of October 2023 to the 18th of May 2025, Rahu will be in Pisces and Ketu will be in Virgo.  Rahu and Ketu will not change signs in 2024, but their Nakshatra locations will change significantly. Rahu will enter Uttara Bhadrapada on 8th July, while Ketu will enter Hasta Nakshatra on 4th March and then Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on 10th November.

Eclipses in 2024

Eclipses are celestial occurrences that take place when the Earth, Moon, and Sun align is particular manner thus generating transient changes in the Moon’s or Sun’s appearance as they would appear to us from the earth. Astrologically speaking, these are celestial events that have very significant astrological impact on the people due to energies associated with these events.

There will be four eclipses in 2024. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Virgo will occur on 25th March. Then, on 8th April, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse in the Pisces sign. Then, on September 18, there will be a Pisces Partial Lunar Eclipse. Finally, on October 2, an Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo is forecast.



The year 2024 brings a mixed bag of actions and events for Aries. In terms of career, the year may see progressive gains in the beginning, however as the year passes, there will be a need to put extra efforts for growth. Likelihood of promotion and change in place of job may be there. The last quarter of the year will be rewarding in terms of career and opportunities availed by you will bring success.

In terms of finances, you would be required to plan your income and expenses to maintain a balance, else there may be challenges, avoid any huge investments, but things may improve as the year progresses. Strong Venus would help get financial benefits by end of the year.

Love life will see may not be very smooth and rewarding. Around the month of October, you will be searching for a more profound significance of love and a feeling of purpose in your romantic connections due to the effect of the Venus-Mercury conjunction.

The month of April holds good prospects for acquiring knowledge and developing skills. Children will experience good energy in the year and would be blessed with good and desired results of their efforts. Around the month of September, there may be some significant happenings concerning your educational subject.

Minor health issues may also bother you, hence you need to take care of health and maintain your fitness through regular exercise. The period in April-May, you need to remain careful and avoid any adventurous activities as there are chances of injuries.



Taurus in the year 2024 may see better results comparatively, though some lows may also be there. This year will be advantageous in terms of business. You will see the completion of work that has been lingering for some time. Opponents will make concessions. Expansion, refurbishment, and modernization of the industry will be undertaken, with high expenditures. There will be conflict in the collaboration. With the assistance of a senior, the situation will improve.

The pending funds will be returned. There will be some money wasted that will not return any value. There might be the purchase of land, buildings, and so forth. Month of March would enhance prospects for opportunities of additional sources of income and trends would continue in May too.

Venus will shower you with the ideal time to enjoy intimacy with your spouse, but Mars will surprise you around the middle of February, so prepare for a trip in your love life. Venus will also assist you in being ready to make a long-term commitment with your spouse this time around the middle of the year.

You may remain motivated to enhance your knowledge and your communication skills will get sharper and more convincing. Students need to work harder as the situation will be tough for them. Though initial part of the year, Jupiter will bless you with good opportunities of gaining knowledge.

The effect of the stars will help you realise the importance of regular exercise for health beginning around the month of April. The influence of the North Node in early May is likely to create some mental stress. You should take care of your health in October because tiredness, decreased sleep time and hunger, and decreased mood are possibly the result of some upsets or an incorrect diet.



This year 2024 for Gemini will be full of swings and turns. There will be options to pursue preferred studies and fields in education and employment. The desire to attend a large institution for higher education will be met. You are likely to be promoted and moved based on your preferences, and he will confront some difficulties. With external assistance, there will be development in business, but there will be stress with partners. There will be challenges in establishing new businesses but not beyond July.

The year will begin with fulfilment of financial desires for you as you may implement the plans formulated in the past. Wealth advantages from purchasing real estate may exist. You may be able to obtain an unresolved loan from some source. Towards the mid of the year stability in finances will be there.

The unmarried will have a lucky year this year and find their lucky charm, however, use caution. Regardless of your other responsibilities, you must make time and space for each other in your relationship. Venus will slowly reward your romantic life by the middle of February, and if you have not been in a romantic partnership, you will meet someone who has an eye on you. There will be peace and harmony at home among the family members and relatives.

Chances of higher education from a reputed institution abroad would be possible during this year, and middle of the year will bring favourable opportunities to fulfil this dream. 

Your health may be delicate at the start of the year due to certain past or present health difficulties. However, Mercury’s influence may keep you in high spirits and boost your health state beginning in April. Neck, shoulder, and mental stress can cause body discomfort. Maintain your good eating habits is a must. Allergies can be triggered by pollution, hence be careful.



The blessings will continue in this year 2024 for Cancer. There will be a work advancement and a desired transfer. The reputation will improve in social as well as professional circles. Political impediments to enterprise will be removed. New initiatives will be planned. You are not emotionally tied to current workplace project. Mercury would add creativity to your career journey in initial part of year.

Money will need to be clubbed with satisfaction. You may make money in business. As the year progresses, there will be several possibilities to improve your financial situation. Profits will be made from the stock market as well. Mercury and Venus would bring financial opportunities in beginning of year.

Singles may also have a good probability of finding a love mate. The period in the month of March Ketu may bring some challenges in romantic matters. You may see that your loved ones are cheerful and there is harmony in relationships, but you need to be careful in mid part of the year due to the influence of Rahu. At home, auspicious works will take the shape of a function or an event. Old divisions will fade, and oneness will emerge.

The intellectual level will rise. Higher education’s roadblocks will be eliminated. However, Saturn would create circumstances that you would be required to put in more efforts for success in studies. 

Injuries may occur; thus, it is best to avoid any adventurous activities. Health may face some difficulties in the months of February- March and you need to be more careful. This year, your confidence to go out and arrange journeys with safety precautions may prevail.


This year 2024 will see more business growth in the starting phase of the year. New businesses can be established and there will be profitable deals. Partnership harmony must be maintained. The later half of the year will be for job, there is a probability that the intended job can be performed as expected and chances of transfer as well promotions as at work may be there. There is a potential of receiving preferential treatment in job.

Wealth gains and stability in finances will be there. Profits from the stock market will be made. There will be some difficulties in your schooling and profession, but you will eventually succeed. Towards the end of the year after October, finances will see a growth under influence of Mercury.

You will have lots of Venus’s backing, so conveying your affection and feelings will be easy, which may have a relaxing effect on your romantic relationship as the year progresses. However, the month of July will be extremely delicate for your personal relationships. There might be conflict in the family, you need to indulge in family matters and resolve the issues amicably.

Children will grow and do well in studies. Be cautious since an administrative probe or a serious hurdle may occur. Better for you to keep away from any wrong doings on any aspect of life. November may bring some challenges and you need to work harder to get good results.

Injuries, sprains, fractures, and infectious illnesses are all possibilities. Avoid exposure to dust, sunshine, tobacco, and poor eating habits. Use caution when using cars and machines as there may be chances of injuries. The end of year may see some minor issues in health, but generally health will be fine.



The year 2024 for Virgo may remain average. The work done in this year will pay off later. There will be some challenges at work, though you may be able to handle them. A senior will assist in the resolution of problems. Competitors and enemies may try to damage your image; stay vigilant and cautious. There will be possibilities for established businesses to expand. Mid of the year will see rise in career and there may be some new opportunities for you. Pending problems in business may get sorted out. Last phase of the year may have mix results with September may call for some caution in business and work, however things would remain productive after this till end of the year.

This year’s budget will be conservative, control your expenses. Investments done in February may bring goof returns in the year. Any old property will be sold and turned into buildable land. There will be significant spending on utility cars and luxury products at home, expend as per a priority list only. The end October may remain challenging and you need to take actions very carefully. But things would improve to bring financial gains as the year ends.

Love matters and relationships may see some challenges and misunderstandings during the initial part of the year. At home, disagreements will grow among the family members. The family’s reputation in the society will rise. The phase in last quarter of the year will be favourable in terms of romantic deeds and positive outcome may be there in new relationships.

Exam success will arise from pursuing your educational and professional goals. In the month of September and beyond, there would be an inclination towards undertaking new and innovative measures to complete your assignments and focus on studies. This phase will give you good success in case any exams or competitions are there.

Health may generally remain fine, and after end of February will improve further. Similar trends would continue in the mid part of the year and any old medical issues may get over. There is a risk of gastrointestinal illnesses, and related complications. Take note of your dietary patterns and eat no oily food.  



For Libra, the year 2024 will bring progress on some fronts, but have some hard times in other aspects. Despite challenges, nothing will be harmful. You will be prosperous in business activities. Hard labour, dedication and perseverance, particularly honest work, will be rewarded and bring good name for you. Higher-level officials will work with you and will be supportive. You would be motivated to develop your skills in months of January and February to enhance your performance. Business expansions may get triggered by August and progress further.

The beginning of the year 2024 may see some unexpected expenses, which you need to take a call on. The outstanding funds that have been held up due to some reasons will be received. A significant amount of money will be spent to improve the usability of land, buildings and other assets. It is possible to obtain ancestral property. Beginning of the year may see some unanticipated sudden expenditures. But as the year moves ahead, finances will gain strength beyond March with the impact of Mars and Mercury. Mid of the year will give opportunities to develop investment strategies. Risky investments may also be fruitful during July-August, but invest smaller amounts. Control your expenses in September and after this the finances will be stable.

Year will start with highs and lows in love matters, though relationships may remain strong. You need to remain bit careful in love matters. Relationships may grow strong, but your efforts would be desirable. At home, auspicious chores and some modifications or refurbishments will be carried out. Mid of the year around April-May would add strength to relationships. The year ends on promising note for love and relationships. 

High energy and inclination towards gaining more knowledge under influence of Jupiter would give a good start to the year 2024. You will excel in further study and will remain inclined to enhance your knowledge as education will provide more opportunities. Mid of the year will see good progress in studies as your mind will be sharp and focussed. End of the year will be fruitful under impact of Jupiter and Mercury.

In general, your health will be excellent, but for some joint stiffness issues, indigestion, and other symptoms. Mid of the year may see some minor health issues but generally the health will remain stable. Health and fitness levels will enhance with your dedicated efforts and see you through rest of the year. However, later part of the year may see some climate changes and related diseases.



The year 2024 will be prosperous and successful for Scorpio. You may see good growth, boost in your confidence, and would have a control over the activities during the year. Career will be progressive and the year will begin with new and higher responsibilities coming your way that bring along opportunities to rise in career. Business may also do well but better to avoid and dicey decisions, but by March new ventures can be planned. Mid of the year would give you an edge over other in fray with your intelligence and dedication. With favourable Jupiter the year would come to an end with positive outcomes in terms of career.

Finances in the year 2024 would remain on better notes. The year will start with good avenues for you on the financial front during the month of February with positive Jupiter, but you need to invest with caution. Mid of the year will see mixed outcomes, you need to focus on investments and also there may be some earnings from unexpected sources. Property deals may give profits and you may get some benefits from ancestral property too. Financial benefits, profitable deals and earnings from investments would mark the end of the year.    

Relationships and love matters would face some restrictions under the impact of Rahu-Ketu and it would be better for you to maintain patience and wait for some time to speak your heart out. The month of April would bring blissed phase for romance with favourable Venus. Mid of the year would see some challenges for relationships and you would be required to remain string to face them. Love matters would get a boost in later part of the year and single may begin their journey of love and romance.

Acquiring knowledge and developing skills will be favoured in the month of February and this would give opportunities for students and professional to avail and enhance their chances of success. You would be required to work harder in mid of the year as there may be lack of concentration and mind may get distracted. Similar trends may continue towards the year end, hence a word of caution. However with your hard work you may be able to focus again and do well.    

Health issues may be there in the beginning of the year 2024, but nothing to worry about as soon these would be resolved. Mid of the year will progress your health further and your proneness to getting infections may improve. The year end may improve your health further and you may get past any old diseases that was troubling your.



Sagittarius may find the year 2024 rewarding in terms of career in the very beginning with positive energy of Sun. There will be good prospects and better openings for businesses to expand their horizons even in foreign land, hence there would be related journeys too that will bring better outcomes. The year would call for high degree of dedication and hard work on your part. Mid of the year will bring good gains in career with support of Jupiter and Mars. The year end would be on better notes, though all moves have to be made with diligence and proper planning may it be job or business.  

The year 2024 may start with positivity in terms of finances, new openings and better options for investing money would be there that will enhance your wealth. Some challenges may come up in March, and you may be required to re-align your plans to meet the investing challenges. Mid of the year, investments would need to be made under expert guidance for profitable outcomes. Later portion of the year will face some challenges under impact of Rahu, and you may be required to move ahead very carefully.

The year 2024 may find the relationships in a bit of grim situation as the year begins. The relationships may face some hurdles in the year but things would also get sorted out in due course of time, the key would be as to how better you are able to express your feelings and at the right moment. Travel plans to romantic destinations would also get implemented to bring joy to life. Relationship with parents may see some stress. Mid of the year will see some misunderstandings in the relationships under impact of Mars, but you may resolve the issues amicably. Relationships and love matters may see some issues, but would get past with support of Venus towards the year end, still there would be a need to remain very careful and avoid any risks.  

The students may face some hurdles in their studies during the mid part of the year, though this would be well within their reach to sort out the matter and be back on track under the impact of Mercury. Mid of the year you would find it easy to understand complicated parts of syllabus and enhance your performance despite challenging situations. You may be blessed with positive results in competitive exams during this phase. Year end may require cautious move and being on right track would be desirable. 

Health will find a good start of the year with stability and well-being in initial phase of the year, old ailments may get cured and provide happiness. There may be some issues on various aspects of life that may bring some mental stress during the mid of the year. But this part may bring recovery from old ailments if any and improve your general health. Health would be fine as the year comes to an end. 



This year 2024 for Capricorn will be a step forward towards success and benefits in terms of career. In the start of the year profits will be generated by businesses associated to communication channels. You will gain from your involvement in politics. Excessive spending will be required to grow or create business. This year, there may be a trip overseas. The company will grow. Your transfer might take you away from home. In mid of the year, you need to monitor the progress closely and take corrective actions, however there will be good outcomes with good cooperation of colleagues and seniors, and you need to further develop such relationships for gains. Year will end with better decisions that will see you through to the next year on positive trends.  

Wealth in the year 2024 will see a steady increase and overall stability. There will be spending on luxury products. Property and other assets can be bought and this will add to the wealth gains. The year begin on a positive note, there will be gains, but avoid borrowing or lending money in this phase. Mid of the year may pose issues due to unwarranted expenditures and there would be need to control your budget. But by June the things would improve. You need to plan and develop new strategy for end of the year though success would be there.

The year 2024 would be rewarding and bring contentment in terms of love and relationships, however in terms of family life there may be some highs and lows. In terms of relationships, old disagreements will be settled. Year starts with positive outcomes, new love connections are possible, and there may be strong bonding. The mid of year gives opportunities for varied interactions with people on social circles. Love relationship would require dedicated focus. An important relationship may see some hard times. The year will end with good love trends and on happy notes.  

The year 2024 in the beginning will bring some distraction from your path however your positive approach, dedicated hard work and innovative means would help getting back on path. Children will advance, and auspicious work will be completed. With some challenges, you will achieve success in your schooling and job through disciplined approach under impact of Saturn. Mid of year also thrives on similar approach on your part to remain focussed and you would get good guidance from your instructors. The last part of the year will incline to learn more and take a step ahead on positive side. 

The year starts with some health challenges in February under impact of Mars. Similar trends may continue towards the mid of the year and there might be issues such as injuries, fractures, gastrointestinal problems, and so forth. Exposure to changing climate should be avoided. Health may see some lows in end of the year however issues will get resolved and health will be fine to end the year.



The year 2024 for Aquarius may remain rewarding and prosperous, but would be required to work hard for success. Succes would be there in job with support of co-workers and seniors alike and would do well in government jobs too. The start of the year may remain very busy, there will be hardly any time for other matters. Business would remain progressive. New jobs or changes in existing one may be there on the cards towards mid of the year. Prospects for rewards and promotion may be very bright. The year end will see rise in career and also in business under impact of Mars.  

Finances in the year 2024 may remain on a positive note and there will be stability in wealth. Profits from investments in speculative markets and assets would be there, but investments to be done with caution and under expert guidance. In the beginning of the year income and benefits may remain limited and hurdles would be there to enhance earnings. Approaching towards mid of the year may bring financial gains and enhances income through contacts and connections develop in past. Year will end on a high note, better earnings but cautious moves in terms of investments.

Love and relationships in 2024 may see some twists and turns in the year, though family relationships may remain peaceful and harmonious. Married couples may face difference in opinion over trivial matters. Lovers may see good understandings though. First part of the year will bring some sour points in the relationships but love birds will have a good time. Mid of the year may face some lows in relationships, better to avoid and sudden changes and keep calm. End of the year will bring desirable trends for love matters.   

The year would begin on a positive note for the students and people looking to enhance their knowledge and skills under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter. The middle part of year will bring challenges in studies and calls for harder efforts and concentration of your studies. Indulge in interacting with people who can help you like your teacher, mentors etc. But this time will be beneficial for professional studies. The year will come to end will fulfilment of dreams of joining good institution or course and opportunities will be there for this. 

Health in 2024 would remain fine and good level of fitness and immunity would be maintained. Hence, this calls for maintaining good health through regular exercise and nutritious diet plan. Year will start will good trends on health, but some climatic changes may give minor health issues. Mid of the year will see good health and immunity will get boosted. Year will end with a good and stable health, well prepared to enter the next year.



For Pisces the year 2024 will be a year of achievements, milestones met and success in terms of career. Similar gains in business would also be there. Promotions and rewards would bring happiness in the year. Year will begin with new opportunities in career though some hurdles may also be seen. Business will see growth and expansion that will enhance their income, and their old issues may get sorted out. Mid of the year will require enhanced efforts as you may be falling short in targets. However, new opportunities to progress in job and business may still be there. Towards the later part of year, there will be highs and lows in job , but good growth in business. 

2024 year will see growth in finances leading to contentment. Good returns on investments would be there but with well-planned approach. To begin the year, it will be beneficial to make plans for the whole year and even beyond. However, some financial obligations may hold you back. Mid of the year there will be rising trends in wealth gains and new investment avenues will also be there. Returns on investments will mark the end of the year and give a boost to the wealth.   

The year 2024 may see some fluctuations in love and romance. Family matters will be very cordial and there will be happiness with good time spent with youngers and elders. The start of the year will have good trends in relationships, better coordination and bonding with strong Venus. Mid of the year will see strong attraction between the love partners and they would feel the intimacy in relationship. Love matter may get enhanced and social interactions would also increase. But later part of year will call for adopting new relationships and manage the love life with caution, trends may change in love matters.

Students would feel the lack of commitments and distraction from regular studies in the middle part of the year which may adversely impact their overall performance, though you will overcome this soon. The year in later half has good prospects for higher studies, research and career-oriented courses. But you need to make right choice maybe by consulting an astrologer and then pursue.    

In terms of health, the year 2024 will give opportunities to enhance your wellbeing and remain healthy as no major medical issues will trouble you. The mid of the year would see the impact of Rahu may bring chances of minor injuries, better to avoid adventurous activities and driving in this phase. The latter part of year may see good health but avoid being very cautious and experimenting new things as this may at times bring issues.


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